I'm guessing that none of you defending the Journal News has ever known an abused woman who made the unfortunate mistake of buying a firearm in a moment of irrational terror. I guess these women deserve what's coming to them, right, Cienna?
@101: Gun permits in NY are enough of a pain that nobody goes through that process in "a moment of irrational terror." While I think publishing this map was a bad move, that's not one of the reasons.
"I'm for your idea. Lets see how those dots move once that information is published. I can't believe these a$$hats published this info. Clean up your hardware, stock up on ammo. It may turn out to be handy, just sit there and wait for the libs to show up. Like shooting fish in a barrel," wrote Pamela Thomas Hickey

Pamela Thomas Hickey was reported to the FBI for threats of violence and terrorism.

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