Colin Powell Has Hagel's Back: He made a strong defense of the nominee today.

Russians Discover 'Red October' Has Been Spying: Apparently it is a massive cyber attack campaign that has been going on since 2007.

Housecat Beats Wall Street: In a yearlong investment challenge. I hope the next study will involve the octopus that nearly predicted the World Cup final.

Seahawks: I've decided the Falcons aren't going on my shit list with the Packers and the Steelers. Now let us never speak of yesterday again. (If you're a masochist, though, here's the game in photos.)

NY to Put Restrictions on Guns: And at the insistence of Republicans, allow for civil confinement of mentally ill people.

Flu Is Now Epidemic: But just barely an epidemic.

Does Boeing Have a Refund Policy? A fuel leak was reported on another 787 Dreamliner by Japan Air in Tokyo's Narita Airport yesterday.

Beer and a Movie? The Washington State Legislature may be working on legislation to let booze be sold in theaters this next session.

Starbucks Loss Confirmed: Tully's will remain separate from the green monster.

Beacon Hill, Capitol Hill Lose Battle Against Airplane Route: The article mentions that affected areas will probably see a 30 percent increase in airplane noise.