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Mars Hill Church Celebrates New Proximity to AIDS Neighborhood


"where all the AIDS is at". First, does Mars Hill know there is a difference between HIV and AIDS? Well, probably not.

That being said..I think we should all put on our very best "I'm dying of the AIDS costumes" this coming Sunday and ask for some of that faith healing these Christians talk about so much.
Mars Hill is a great comedic troupe. I love how they equate AIDS w/ being gay. It's like it's the 80's all over again!
I'm pretty sure the Mars Hill leaders have been reaching out - wayyy out - to the gay community in other ways, if you catch my drift.
Morons from Mars Hill, another tax exempt cult.
I know this is kinda juvenile, but did anyone else giggle when they read that the pastor's name is "Tim Gaydos"?
I believe they are trying to appear less homophobic than they really are, in hopes to dupe more people, who might take issue with that, to join up. Apparenty, once you are a member it is made very difficult for you if you don't comply with their worldview...
A pyramid-scheme religious organization that relies on dubious claims of self-righteous moralization steeped in hypocrisy turns out to be just a bunch of greedy jerk-offs?

Their church is spreading here in Albuquerque too - they moved into much larger digs last year. Not a word about them in the local alternative rage yet, either, based on a search of the paper's website. Keeping an eye on it.
What irony. You're all so hateful in your Christian bashing. You call people homophobes because they disagree with your pov. A homophobe is a person who fears homosexuals. Have any of you personally met a person who attends Mars Hill who indeed has given you the impression they are afraid of homosexuals? I highly doubt it. You just jump on the bandwagon of the popular flow and cry "HOMOPHOBE!" at every possible chance without stepping back to consider where they're coming from. Your hateful, sheep-herding ways make me shake my head. It's a shame Seattle isn't as tolerant as they like to think they are, because there sure are a lot of Christian haters.
Mark Driscol is a fascist Idiot that lives on the backs of his cult members.

He is living proof that the christian church is the world's largest hate group.

It's only a matter of time before this control freak psychopath gets caught doing meth with a male prostitute or taking indecent liberties with a child.

If you follow this parasite of a man you are a spineless zombie that can't handle the responsibility of thinking for yourself, so don't go running around town thinking that you are superior to ANYONE because you are the lowest form of life on this planet! PERIOD.

FUCK YOU Mark Driscol MAY YOU ROT IN HELL! (where you are surely going)
I'd love to add more, but I think the comment by Backward Christian Idiots said everything I want to say. I second their post!
RE: hatersgonnahate

You said "It's a shame Seattle isn't as tolerant as they like to think they are, because there sure are a lot of Christian haters."

You are correct in that there are a lot of hating Christians. I know that's not what you meant, but that's the truth: There is too many Christians who hate. Mars Hill leads the pack of hating Christians, and their sickening attempts to convert the LGTBQ community are as subtle as the Nazi SS - a group they bear many similarities to.

Just wait for the fall of Mark Driscoll, their leader. He has a couple of skeletons in his closet that a few of us know about. It WILL come out, and he will fall. Just wait.
How is this news? Churches are always trying to help people with life-threatening illnesses. Is the criticism that in the two weeks since they opened, there hasn't been a full roll-out of their volunteer squad? Or is it that MH is anti-gay, which a)you've written about a dozen times already, b)everybody already knew because they say it on their website, and c)churches have pretty much been since oh-about-the-writing-of-Ephesians, aka as long as there have been churches.
Correction re: #13. It read "There is too many Christians who hate." It should have read "There ARE too many Christians who hate."

Proper grammar only strengthens an argument.
RE: #14 - "How is this news?" you ask? It's news because it's something important we need to know. A huge, anti-gay, hate-group Christian church makes an uneducated, tin-eared statement hearkening back to the AIDS hysteria of 1985, and then makes a blatant lie about partnering with a large non-profit...and that's not news? Go back to your FOX "news", maybe that's what you are looking for.
I'm rubber, you're glue. Only Jesus loves me and Satan loves you, so see you in HELL because my God is all-loving.
RE: #17 - You have a point. There are many people who identify as Christians who do not agree with the right-wing churches out there. I have a number of friends in the LGTBQ community who identify as Christians, but they are NOT fundamentalists. There is a large LGTBQ population at St. Marks Cathedral on 10th Ave. None of them are in agreement with the extremist views of Mars Hill, but they do believe in a...uh...similar God. (I think the LGTBQ's God is a little more...shall I say..loving?)

The big question is this: Where are the moderate Christians in this fight? Speak up! Get out there and put your voice in to defend your point of view. We have had enough of angry, hate-filled fundamentalist Christians representing Christianity to the world. They aren't helping this country move forward, and for that, they need to be stopped, which can only happen if the good, progressive Christians can reclaim Christianity in the public eye.

(I'm not a Christian myself, by the way)
Wow! A cult that dresses like hipsters pushing the agenda of christianity. not surprising.
More cutting edge "news" reporting by the Stranger... Hasnt this Mars Hill story been done to death yet? I guess Dominic just needed to exercise a little moral superiority by spending his time picking apart and figuring out how to reframe something controversial enough to get him published. There are so many more interesting angles this story could have taken, but Church of Aids...really? The top is the 7th grade level writing...come on Stranger...quality control?! Can't we get back to feeling superior about food or music or something?

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