Many Things About Guns: Like the NRA's new ad, which I have no words to describe. There have been 83 child deaths from guns since Newtown. Obama is announcing his gun control agenda.

Congressional Republicans May Have Picked the Wrong Fight: Obama's job approval numbers are at the highest point in three years and most people see him as a strong leader. Additionally, most people think that the debt ceiling should not be tied to cuts.

Pussy Riot Plea Rejected by Court: Maria Alyokhina asked to delay her sentence until her 5-year-old son was older, but the court was deaf to her arguments.

Maybe It's a Sign: Not only are buyers stepping up in Sacramento to try and keep the Kings, now a second lawsuit against the proposed Sodo arena has been filed on behalf of Mark Baerwaldt.

I Had Forgotten the Mafia Existed: Apparently, it's still alive and well, though, because the Feds took 27 alleged mafia members into custody this morning from three different families in New York.

Edmonds Police Officer Resigns: He is being accused of having sex with a jaywalker in the back of his squad car.

Literally Nothing Could Make Me Go to North Dakota: Not even a frozen oil tundra filled with single men. (That is a thing North Dakota has, according to NYT.)

Dream On: Does no one do a performance test before they push these things out of the hangar? Battery malfunctions, false smoke alarms, fires—who wants to fly on a Dreamliner? Not Japanese people, because they've grounded two fleets.

Helicopter Crashes Near MI6 Headquarters: It's said to have hit a crane.

Also, sloths.