On February 20th, security cameras at the downtown shopping mall Pacific Place recorded a fascinating sight: a young man in the mall's deserted AMC movie theater "behind the popcorn counters... trying to open money drop boxes attached to cabinet doors and trying to open cash register boxes," according to a Seattle police report.

The action began around 7 a.m., hours before the mall was scheduled to open. With no sign of forced entry, "there is a possibility that he slept in the [theater] over night after it closed down," the report speculates.

According to the "medium to poor quality surveillance footage" viewed by police, the hooded suspect allegedly struggles to open money boxes and cash registers in the theater. After several unsuccessful attempts, he's then seen "going to a lower level and getting a tool to assist him in his efforts at getting these money boxes and cash drawers open," the report states. "He fails get the money drop boxes open but succeeds in forcing the cash register boxes open, damaging them."

"He obtains no money."

Another set of cameras then captures the bored and/or undeterred suspect wandering upstairs, to a restricted area of the theater reserved for employees. According to the police report, the suspect "is seen pulling out a Mt Dew soda from the employee refrigerator. He starts to drink from the bottle then places it with a pair of Air Jordans he had found into a plastic bag. Suspect takes an employees North Face Jacket. He finds an employees bicycle and starts to ride it around on the floor."

"He eventually takes this bicycle with him," the report adds. It's unclear from the police report how the suspect might've exited the building, allegedly with the shoes, soda, and bicycle taken from the theater's employees, but police were able to lift several fingerprints from the theater that they hope to match with the suspect soon.