Guilty: Steubenville judge agrees with everyone decent on the Internet.

Just One More Benefit to High Speed Rail: Early victims of the Black Death were unearthed alongside 14th century pottery while digging new rail lines in London.

Coffee and Cigarettes: A new study finds that drinking coffee is connected to reduced risk for Parkinson's, stroke, and heart disease. Researchers believe that the health risks currently associated with coffee stem from the fact that coffee-drinking subjects from previous studies were also heavy smokers.

#fuckshitup: Matthew Keys, Reuters journalist is accused of encouraging Anonymous hackers to "fuck some shit up" on the homepage of his former employer, the LA Times, as well as giving them the login codes they would need to do so.

Green Jobs: The Port of Willapa hopes its sawmill will be the site of a marijuana grow operation when I-502's regulatory kinks get worked out.

Washingtonians Math It Up: It's tough to challenge Paul Ryan, the self-described "numbers guy," but Washingtonians in both houses are doing their best. The Dems, led by Patty Murray, put out a totally boring budget, while the Progressive Caucus, including Jim McDermott in the budget committee, put out a ballsy budget that would increase spending by $544 billion dollars (Full disclosure: my sister works for Jim McDermott. Further disclosure: it's her birthday today!).

A Forest of Sediment, an Armageddon of Kelp The Elwha is surprising scientists by releasing 41 times percent more sediment than was expected following dam removal. This Seattle Times article has some great metaphors for the whole process.

I'll Have the Tofu: Over 12,000 pigs are clogging up the main waterways of Shanghai and Jiaxing.