Looking for a way to express your opposition to the coal trains?

This afternoon, Idle No More, an indigenous and environmental justice group that started in Canada, will be marching in Seattle to protest proposed coal-export terminals. Protesters will march 3.8 miles from Westlake Park to the steps of SSA Marine, the Big Oil-affiliated, anti-labor giant that is seeking permits to build the Gateway Pacific Terminal near Bellingham. SSA Marine stands to profit off of the 1.5 mile-long coal trains and terminals that would ship carcinogenic and climate-change-causing fuel to Asia. Marchers will demand green jobs, clean energy, and justice for indigenous people and the working class.

If 3.8 miles is a lot of walking (oh, come on, that's only 2.5 coal trains, you baby), then just hang out in Westlake with your drums and signs and giant endangered wildlife puppets. There will be speakers from the indigenous and labor communities. The rally begins at Westlake Park at 3 p.m.

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