Teen Killed in Ambush Shooting: A 19-year-old was shot to death in the Central District Friday night. Police say that the surprise attack in front of a house on a residential street was not random, but that they don't know if the victim and suspect knew one another. There was another shooting at 21st and Union last night, although no victims have been reported.

Kenyan Supreme Court Decides Presidential Election: And they're sticking with Kenyatta, who was widely accused of rigging the election.

North Korea Threatens Factories: An industrial complex jointly run by North and South Korea is the newest on the growing list of targets for Kim Jong-un.

Nose Goes: Puget Sound Clean Air Agency is still not sure why Marysville stinks, but it hopes to know by November.

Teacher's Strike in Chicago: A thousand teachers strike against Rahm Emmanuel's plan to close 54 kindergarten-to-eighth-grade schools.

Zumba Teacher Pleads Guilty to Prostitution: And 19 other counts of criminal dealings related to a prostitution ring. It remains to be seen if Kennebunk residents will ever again be able to fully join the fitness party.

Don't Be that Guy: In an age of snark and irony, sometimes it's hard to know how to do things right. Luckily, millions of etiquette and advice videos are circulating on Youtube, and the trend is booming. Want to know how to deal with flatulence in yoga class or when it's OK to use emoticons in a business email? Are you unsure of just how many baby pictures is enough baby pictures to post on Instagram?

It's Easter! Check out this article about the pope washing the feet of a Muslim girl. Traditional Catholics are pissed about how humble and nice this makes the pope look.