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But It Looks Like Marijuana, Smells Like Marijuana, and Gets You a Little High


"Marijuana" is a racist's word.(Besides,if no business won't do business with the cannacrowd,then revoke their state business license--including banks.)
Great investigation, Ben!
If it looks and smells like weed, the fuzz are still kicking in your door. They are not sophisticated enough to have an intelligent conversation about your garden with out having already put your face in the ground and zip tied your hands.
I just saw an extraction test at A360 that was 65% THCA. .23% THC..... also not fitting the OLD definition, but if the gov signs it, the rules sure just changed according to the news I see.
@1 Ah...I'm pretty certain it's a Spanish word.
@1 The internet tells me it comes from the Mexican Spanish word "maraguanquo" which means "intoxicating plant" although backtranslating this into Spanish yields "intoxicante planta". It seems plausible that immigrants called the plant marijuana and this name was adopted in order to make it sound foreign to suburban teens.

The slang "pot" is reputedly from "potiguaya" a tea made of marijuana and wine or brandy. "Hash" is from "hashish" a solid resin made of cannabis seeds. I think the origin of "weed", "wacky tobacco", and others are more obvious.

Cannabis Sativa is reportedly from the Greek word for hemp, similar to the word "cane" from sugar cane. The "bis" suffix means fragrant. And then the species name "sativa" simply means cultivated.
These strains are important to have to MMJ users.
These high CBD strains are going to be very valuable.

When the general public realizes MJ works for common ailments like migraines, motion sickness, back pain, etc., there is going to be a huge demand. It works like a miracle for me.

Many people do not want to be stoned; ill children, seniors who can't risk falling, and anyone who does not enjoy being high. With CBD MMJ many people could drive legally and function at work...the possibilities are endless.
"Marijuana is a racist's word..."
Wow, some people NEVER get off that obsession. Shouldn't you be bitching somewhere else? Please take your obsession/ delusion elsewhere.

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