I suppose the subhead is awesome, but only if you think of 'pegged' with the sexual connotation - which not everyone does.
What happened to Teabaggers? They're a great prelude to pegging.
@1 - Well, pretty much everyone who reads Slog understands the meaning of "pegged", hence it's placement here. Same story and pic in the ST? Not so funny...
oh wow-

this is hysterical

we can't wait to share it with our ten year old.
@1 that is the joke yes
The headline/subhead is snicker-out-loud-funny. The article? Painfully poorly written. Kinda boggles the mind that such a lousy writer could be an actual columnist. Maybe he's a volunteer.
The sub-head is only funny in an adolescent sort of way. The headline writer's use of "pegged" in the sense it is being used far predates the more current, sexual meaning. Sadly, it's not surprising that Savage finds the subhead "awesome."

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