Re: Bikini Barristas. When right wing blowhards complain about taxes, let's cut the police force. They obviously have too much time on their hands.
An indoor fountain that spits mercury?

Why not Jim Beam?

Or at least Merlot...
Seattle is of course worse for cyclists than Manhattan, because as Woody Allen pointed out, the main cultural advantage of the west coast is the ability to make a right turn on a red light, something New Yorkers cannot do.
Hey, Bailo- please go read the final few comments on yesterday's Morning News thread before you continue with today's parade of stupid.

Seriously, man, you are quite entertaining, but do you really want to continue your campaign to be King of Stupid on Slog?


Yes, I accept the position.

Clearly you and the other inhabitants of Stupidland need a ruler.
The Second Avenue bike lane is indeed death defying, which is why hardly anyone ever rides it. Downhill with synced lights, all cyclists should just take one of the four lanes and ride with car traffic.
The Seattle Times comments section makes me hate humanity. That is all. :(
The video of abortion bill protesters lining the capital rotunda and cheering and singing in Austin is the greatest thing I've seen in a long time. I hate watching news but I was completely glued to Wendy Davis's monologue. She's heroic!
Bailo, I don't think @4 meant your "coronation" to be quite the honorific you think it is...
@10 Bailo, interestingly enough your posts this morning are remarkably on-topic and cogent (with a couple exceptions).

Your comment about bike lanes and cycle tracks piqued my curiosity and is probably worth additional discussion (for what it's worth, I think the heavy traffic mix and high speeds on 99 preclude adding bicycle features. But it is worth discussing).

So c'mon Bailo, whatever gets into you to make you have to post bullshit is, clearly, under your control.

So how about it? Stop trying to rule Stupidland, and just reasonably participate. When you try to be a contrary dick you get stuffed. You sre welcome to have differing opinions but man, you gotta be prepared to back them up. It's occasionally clear you have something worth contributing so geez, tone down the contrarian antagonism and dumbness and peple will quit bagging on you for posting stupid shit.

See, not every thought that drifts in to your head is worth a Slog post. Okay?
NSA/Edward Snowden/American Corporate Authority Update

Let us take a moment to listen to the thoughtful comments of Sibel Edmonds concerning this:…

And a most interesting comment at the financial site,

(Commenter: Not Too Important )

Along with exposing widespread international surveillance, Edward Snowden has revealed
how exactly the US is financing its military ambitions, according to Max Keiser, who

"What's interesting is that Edward Snowden worked for Booz Allen. Booz Allen allegedly
along with a few other companies are the masterminds behind LIBOR market rigging,
energy market rigging, FOREX market rigging. And this is really the fuel that keeps the
American military empire going, because the American economy, itself cannot support its
military ambitions, so they've resorted to market manipulation and the kind of intelligence that Edward Snowden is able to aggregate is key to manipulating markets in ways that make Booz Allen, allegedly, the channel for billions and billions of dollars into America's military campaigns.

"And this is really about money, markets and manipulations. It's not about security. It's not
to do with anything that the White House says. Remember, the White House is a puppet of
Wall Street, Booz Allen, the hedge funds and the financial interests of the corrupt bankers."

So, then how do some of those big companies like Google, or Facebook actually benefit from
the PRISM surveillance program? Is there a financial gain from them?

"Absolutely, because all of the manipulation involves rigging the indexes. And the indexes
are all data-sensitive. So, if you can manipulate the data, you can manipulate the indexes and you manipulate the markets. And if you have advanced knowledge of that inside information you can make billions of dollars of front-running, high-frequency trading, algorithmic trading. And, of course, all the banks on the Wall Street are in on this and all the banks in the UK.

"It's very telling that the foreign minister of Ecuador said that, 'Look, you're talking about
us extraditing Edward Snowden, what about bringing back those bankers we asked you to
bring back to Ecuador who we caught rigging and terrorizing our market?' What about the
Icelandic bankers that have been asked by the government of Iceland to be extradited back to Iceland that are being held in the UK?

What about these other instances where banking terrorists are being sheltered in the US and the UK? They're not responding to extradition agreements. So this is all about financial legerdemain. Unfortunately, Americans don't have enough money to fight their wars anymore so they have to resort to snooping, data-gathering, and market manipulation."

Will we see financial fallout between China and the US?

"Well, China has got a fantastic card to play, one trillion US dollars that they can dump on the market anytime and jack interest rates up five or six points, which would throw the real estate market back into collapse. China is pulling the strings here and China has all the cards to play. America is the biggest debtor nation in the world. Look at the bond market today (June 25), it's selling off spectacularly all over the world because confidence in the American hologram of finance is collapsing.

"They flipped the switch. They see that the emperor has no clothes. They see that there's no
underlying economic activity to support the military and financial occupations emanating from the US. It's game over!"
Between the Sibel Edmonds video posted just previously, and this article below:…

If you still can't figure it out, consider yourself a chronic Ameritard in Dark Age America!
Pretty sure a cow-sized lizard is also known as a dinosaur.
@13: Pareiosaur, and they're not close relatives of true lizards. Pareiosaurs were some of the first terrestrial vertebrate herbivores, and they looked funny as hell with their barrel chests and tiny heads.
.....police making "scheduled surveillance" trips to sniff out prostitution and lewd behavior at bikini coffee huts ....

Point ONE... Uhhh, " sniff out" ??? If you can smell that thing... call the health department, not vice....

Point TWO.... Uhhh, "sniff out" ??? I think this smell thingy has been ruled out for drugs and such using dogs, so does this mean vice cops smelling out pussy are actually somehow better trained or equipped than dogs???

Point THREE Do they get free donuts while staking out the coffee places???
Steinbruecks's "black" voice only exacerbates his normal flat, nasal and monotone voice. I wish he'd taken some elocution lessons when out at that there Harvard. I knew Victor, and he's no Victor. I'd like to support him for mayor, but...
And, if he'd wanted to go all "Juneteenth" he could have read from "The Help" or some similarly insipid bestseller featuring black people, and it would have been a guaranteed audience crowd pleaser.

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