News Jul 17, 2013 at 4:00 am

Vote for Mike McGinn, Mike O'Brien, Kshama Sawant, and more—our full endorsements and handy CHEAT SHEET are right this way!

James Yamasaki


Go Mike! And Mike!
Huh. Guess there are only two Seattle City Council races this year.
Four more years!
@2 There are only two city council races in the primary. The other two races did not attract more than two candidates.
Vote McGinn, Sawant, and O'Brien.

I'd already come to the same conclusion after studying the candidates and issues.

As usual, I don't necessarily agree with every one of your endorsements, but the Stranger is always the most entertaining endorsements anywhere, and beneath the fun, there is some serious thought behind the choices.
Wow, the Stranger endorsed McGinn and his poodle, O'Brien! Who'd have guessed? Next thing you know, the sun will rise in the East!
Keep taking the high road Mike and you will be fantastic ,just on your record alone thanks for all you do to help this great city
Let's get Sawant in there with O'Brien, and see what they van get done with Licata. Enough green-washed covering up of the corporate agenda, this is a progressive city, its time we actually see some progress!
As the co-writer of the Seattle Schools Community Forum blog, I agree, almost to the exact wording, with The Stranger's endorsement of Sue Peters. Sue is a journalist, a parent and knows this district. (The learning curve for school board director is HUGE and knowing the district is truly a big plus. You want someone who can hit the ground running on this important work.)

Estey has the backing of almost every ed reformer in this town. Not good news, not good for Seattle schools. We don't need more churn, we need less. You don't need someone who will vote lockstep because of her alliances.

I also agree with the assessment of Blanford. Not sure what we will get there (although he told the 34th Dems he did support TFA) but he has a solid background and, being the only real candidate in the race, he's going to win.
I couldn't agree more with these endorsements. Great writing, well researched, and funny as always! And for those calling O'Brien a puppy - who would vote against puppies?
Vote McGinn, Conlin, and O'Brien.
I also endorse Mike--despite how I think he is treating Downtown Seattle--I still think he is the best man for the job!
@7 I don't think trolls can legally vote in this country?
Silly Paper, Tricks are for...
@8, the sun never rises at all where you are.

I'm in for McGinn. If you care about transit at all there is no other choice. Though I am considering that freak-o who shits on the floor and wants the age of consent lowered to nine who was on here the other day....
Fully agree with the endorsement for Kshama Sawant! I disagree that "we wouldn't want a council full of Sawants," despite the sheer biological difficulties involved in cloning a person 8 times...
Kismias Sowhat? Who the fuck is that?
McGinn and OBrien are the only officials at city hall who display an adequate sense of urgency about pushing this city towards carbon neutrality. All the rest say they care about climate change, but only these two seem willing to put anything on the line for the large changes we must make. That's leadership.
McGinn's for me.
@8. Nice joke. We beat you to it.
McGinn sucks. This is horrible news.
McGinn, is a crybaby, not collaborator - which makes perfect sense that he'd get a Stranger endorsement.

McGinn really might just be the passive aggressive mayor that a major pacific northwest city deserves.

McGinn reluctantly (none of them particularly excite me).

O'Brien enthusiastically (by far the most effective and forward-looking Councilmember).

Sawant maybe (if only to ensure an entertaining general election).
Kshama Sawant or Richard Conlin??? Headline correction
Sawant is the shit, but I wouldn't want a council full of Sawants. A $15 minimum wage, as much as I'd love it, would be disastrous for small businesses. However, a $12 minimum wage would be amazing, and I think Sawant could negotiate that. Big money should have a voice at the table, but they should only be one voice among many.

Vote Sawant.
A $12 wage would be amazing *in general* - not to small businesses. It would, however, help keep worker morale up.
@27 Of course there would be adjustments, but a higher minimum wage would mean more money in more consumers pockets, which would translate to more money being pumped into small business's. Also, Sawant is calling or tax breaks for small businesses as well.
That's cool that Shari Song is a mom. Is there a reason why we know she has produced children but we don't see that information about the other candidates?
High taxes, crime and rents wont garner my vote for McGinn this time around. I voted, waited and hoped things would get better, but all Ive seen is less wages and higher rents and an exploding cost of living in Seattle while devlopers turn Seattle into a cookie-cutter city with no uniquiness. Sooooooo- Next!
Yes, vote Mike McGinn if you want to finish the job of making Seattle a whites only city where "coloreds, indians and illegals" are harassed and abused by the police, and cannot find a place to live thanks to McGinn's anti-low income developer backing.
sorry - when you start your endorsement with mcginn - no need to read further. mc one term hopefully. easily the worst mayor in recent memory.
As a gay man I really want to vote for the home team, but Ed is making it really difficult. I need to be inspired by some seriously sound policy. I haven't seen anything yet that says he's the guy. I'm sad about that.
Stranger Dip Sticks,
When you are stupid, at least sometimes you're funny.

The mayor endorsement is unfunny and unsmart and unconvincing.

So vote for McGinn because the Times doesn't like him? Didn't you just give a Dom Holden blowjob to the Times outgoing editor?

As for McGinn, he stopped being a doofus and fell in line with mainstream Seattle city hall policies. Big whoop.
@33, is this the same Mike McGinn that created the city's first office of immigration and is being endorsed by community leaders from Seattle's ethnic minority groups, who wrote a letter supporting his efforts to reform the police department?…
Agreed on all these. In spite of McGinn's damn July 4th fireworks intervention.
Not surprising that The Stranger votes for hopes and dreams rather than the actual record. What has McGinn actually DONE for transit? Nothing. What has he actually DONE for police reform? Nothing. What has he actually DONE for the economy? Not a single fucking thing.

McGinn makes Paul Schell look like Franklin Roosevelt in the first 100 days. The man has not accomplished a single, NOT a single THING while in office.

Reread the endorsement above and try to recite a SINGLE accomplishment during the past four years of the McGinn administration. Oh! He ACCELERATED some transit PLANNING! Wow! Accelerated planning? Holy fucking shit.

Compare this to a Rice Administration, where actual projects were actually accomplished.

Even Greg Nickels did some heavy lifting in putting the second round of Sound Transit funding in place. What has McGinn proposed? What has he championed that was painful. On what has he spent any political capital whatsoever (not that he ever earned much).

With McGinn, there is NOTHING. (Well, there are "sharrows." And a bunch of signs telling bicyclists how many kilometers it is to Ballard and West Seattle.)

And you want four more years of this moron? No thanks.
This is basically the Stranger putting it's own masturbatory fantasies into print. That's fine in Savage's column, less so in something that's supposed to be about local politics.

I normally vote close to what you guys recommend, but your endorsement of McGinn is so far off the mark, in terms of measurable success, that you've lost a lot of credibility.

McGinn might sound wonderful, but he's an utterly useless politician. I'll take the sorta nice guy who's a great politician (hi, Murray) over him any day of the week.

Estey is also endorsed by Eric Pettigrew. Eric Pettigrew sponsored charter schools during the last legislative period.

Hmmm, I rate the apoplexy in this endorsement thread a 2.8/5. Needs more TylTay or Loveschild.
When the only choice you have is shit you end up voting for shit

Those "minority groups in support of McGinn" are groups that his administration created to counter allegations of racism. They did not exist prior to the DOJ investigation into the SPD and the McGinn Administration.

Ask a person of color (non asian) from Seattle what they think of McGinn. The man is a total bigot, and OPEN bigot depending on who you ask in the city council. If you skin is brown, red or black, he doesnt want you in Seattle. The only demographic he despises more are poor people of any background.
@45, I should say: full disclosure - I'm a firm supporter of McGInn and am volunteering on his campaign. And I'm doing that because he is exactly opposite to the person you are describing. While on his campaign, I've seen that he is supported by many people of color - black, asian, hispanic. In fact, I'm hispanic, though I'm not a person of color. McGinn's done amazing work to include disenfranchised groups in the political process, and I can explain that more if you want to hear it. Can you provide a single bit of evidence to the contrary?
@ 45 Indian people are brown and the ones I talked to like the man.
Love "the Killing" reference on that Parks Levy
The biggest knock against Suzanne Dale Estey are the people who support her.

A lot of folks reckon that birds of a feather flock together. They figure that she either already supports their Education Reform proposals or will support them because their support for her campaign will result in access when she's elected. Even those who want to give her the benefit of the doubt say that they just can't afford to take that chance - and they don't have to because there is another qualified candidate they can support instead with greater confidence.

Independent of any doubts about Ms Dale Estey, Sue Peters is imminently qualified and ready to hit the ground running.

Suzanne Dale Estey has connections among the powerful, but I have never seen that help Seattle Public Schools.
Honest question: If Ed Murray is not elected mayor, will he still remain in the state legislature or is he retiring from the house in order to run?
I hope #51 gets an answer.

Many thanks for this article. I don't live in the States anymore, so these ballots from King Co. don't mean much without help such as yours. Haven't decided Murray/McGinn yet, but have filled in the others according to your cheat sheet, thanks.
I'm sure he stays in office, that is kinda to whole point of staggered elections- to allow incumbents to safely strive for higher office.
James Yamasaki is a hilarious genius. He can't miss! He just can't!
Alan Lobdell is the only "real candidate" with the knowledge, education, experience and integrity to be The King County Executive.

LOL Hey Stranger! Why don't you tell people the truth about Alan Lobdell's bankruptcy problems? For anyone who wants THE TRUTH. Alan went bankrupt because he spent over $400,000 dollars of his life saving to fight his wife's breast cancer over 4 years, he still ended up half a million in cancer debt. He lost everything standing by her side showing TRUE love and devotion unlike your typical "viable candidate" like a John Edwards. There, now the people have the TRUTH. Thanks Stranger for conforming and withholding the TRUTH from everyone. It's nice to know that you are doing your part to make this county worse.

P.S. Stranger, I hope people,especially woman around this county don't read Alan's website and see what a real man is, one who is willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING to keep his loved ones alive.
Kate Martin waxed all the candidates in the Town Hall debate tonight.

By far she is the best candidate, and I did not even know her name until tonight.

Mike McGinn is a terrible mayor. You gotta be kidding. Steinbrueck couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag, and Harrell reeks of bag man.

Hes not the opposite, but you work for the guy so of course you are going to say hes an upright guy.

Dont forget

1-He went out of his way to oppose the DOJ investigation into blatant open racism in the SPD

2- He defended the SPD, Chief Diaz and the SPO union throughout the criticism for the murder of Native Woodcarver John T Williams.

3- He defended Former Office of Processional Accountability head Kathryn Olsen after she was caught retaliating against citizens who file complaints against the SPD.

4- He tried to stall the DOJ recommendations hoping Obama would lose the 12 elections and the Republican candidate would drop the investigation

5- He went far above and beyond what any mayor should do in preventing implimentation of SPD modifications requested by the DOJ to limit their excessive force usage and OPEN blatant racism towards latinos, natives and blacks. He fought the city council AND the city attorney and nearly embarrassed the city of Seattle by forcing the issue to go to federal court and have the city defend itself from civil rights abuse charges.

6- He advocated pushing through SPD aerial drones that the public VEHEMENTLY did not want, and did his best to keep it secret so he wouldnt have to defend it. After it came out, he backed away when the backlash set in.

7- He has done NOTHING for low income communities, especially heavily black and latino areas in south seattle, beacon hill, and central. He even had to stop going to cultural events because the crowd would start changing "racist!" when he showed up.

8- He advocates shutting down low income housing and replacing it with mixed income housing (which any urban planner or social science academic really means "wealthy white familys and their wealthy white kids attending college *thus they qualify for the few 'low income' spots).

9- His outbursts regarding (non asian) people of color in interviews are neither few nor unknown. How long did he fight with the city council once they started demanding a change in the SPD leadership?

10- He was openly aggressive against protesters during the Occupy Seattle protests, and supported the SPD's extreme tactics, like pepper spraying 80 year old women.

11- Full disclosure, I cant give away my source here, and feel free to take this one with a grain of salt, but at least some of those who work close to him or around him down at City Hall have said the guy has a thing against blacks in particular, and sometimes says or implies things that arent too popular about natives and latinos. Take it for what you will, but those rumors have been going around for years now. Im sure even his offices have heard them (Im guessing someone got fired for leaking it when it first came out).

Sorry, McGinn is a nightmare.
@58>>Not quite true. He showed up for John T. Williams events. By the way, his brother was told they would have three years to finish the totem poles on the waterfront...after ONE year, they were evicted. Not only that, they got told when the first one was finished that THEY had to pay for the transport and placement of the totem pole at the Seattle Center. McGinn is a lying sack of dog shit, and can't do fuck-all if it doesn't involve a bike or a tree or a whale. In other words, no real issues.
Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn is anti-coal, too!!
Bless you, everyone at The Stranger, for backing McGinn!!
Richard Conlin: "snake-oil sweating charlatan." Couldn't have put it better myself. So voting against paid sick leave for workers, while earning $120,000/yr, of tax-payer money, keep it classy Conlin.

Merely 'showing up' does not mean much when he bent over backwards to make sure the SPD suffered no consequences and defended them tooth and nail to the Justice department...which had only come because of the shooting and a litany of other abuses McGinn had no problem with.

@60: All 3 leading candidates are anti coal.

In fact, Murray was anti-coal before McGinn was.

You can endorse him, but I'm not voting for this butthole.
How possibly could you endorse Mike McGinn, arguably the worst Mayor this city has ever had? A narcissistic, immature, ideologue is not what this great city needs or deserves. There are so many ways he has been a disruptive rather than a collaborative force, and the Stranger knows it. Shame.
@64 I dunno? Maybe the low unemployment? Maybe the fact that crime is at a 30 year low? Maybe the fact that he supports unions and low income people? Maybe the fact that there are construction projects and growth all across the city including South Lake Union which is well on it's way to becoming the center of the tech universe? Maybe the fact that schools are being rebuilt? Maybe the fact that light rail is growing and streetcars are going in?

I don't care if he's a whiny toddler, if he can preside over all of that, he's got my vote.
@62: I'm glad to hear that the main Seattle mayoral candidates have shared views on being opposed to coal exporting. Washington and Oregon States need all the help we can get to dethrone the threat of the Koch Brothers' Evil Empire's Runaway Coal Trains and the pathetic sugar coaters that so blindly worship them.
Kshama Sawant ,Edwin Fruit,and Mary Martin:all socialists,all should get the non-"White",Leftist,and Lower-Class votes (thus making it to the general election in November,because their opponents would divide the bourgeois votes amongst each other!) --- ,

The "low unemployment" is only because hes shipped all the poor people out to Kent and Renton and White Center.

The number of jobs in Seattle today is not measurably different than there were 5 years ago, there are just fewer poor and unemployed people because McGinn has made the city impossible to afford or live in if you are poor.
"The Stranger Endorses McGinn for Mayor". Because of course they do.
I'm about as liberal as you get, but that doesn't mean I want a bike lane through my fucking living room. McGinn's cycle-centric agenda is overzealous. I would call the bike lane planning horrible, but that would insinuate that there was actual planning involved. I voted for him the first time around and think that he has made headway on some pertinent issues, but this aggression will not stand... man.
That a drunk off-duty SPD can get away with assault is basically a given yet people in this city worry about "a bike lane through my fucking living room." Would a $2 billion car tunnel through your fucking living room make you feel better? This city has grown to fear the police under this mayor and yet we are in conniptions about bike lanes and parking meter rates. Doesn't matter who the mayor is, the dog shit debate is probably next.
You know what's a "viable alternative" to the "deep-bore tunnel" that is more realistically called "The Tunnel of Death?"

McGinn had a completely viable alternative: The current plan, just MINUS THE DEEP-BORE TUNNEL.

The magical tunnel they're boring will only carry two lanes of traffic. Which is the width of the narrowest point of the current viaduct: Bell St. Tunnel. Which is exactly where the DAILY JAMS happen right now.

The tunnel will cost $7-9 of tolls to use in a to-and-from trip. That's how the planners of the tunnel justify how a two-laner will not be solid traffic jams daily: BECAUSE IT WILL BE TOO EXPENSIVE TO USE.

The main traffic will self-divert to I-5 and the surface street they will have to build anyway (despite bashing surface option, which was McGinn's preference). There will simply be too little capacity, and too few drivers willing to pay the tolls, for the tunnel to be of any use to justify the $3-6 BILLIONS. Guess what? If the tunnel goes over-budget, and when was the last time such projects come in under budget, SEATTLE RESIDENTS PAY ALL COST OVERRUNS.
@BillyT, Christine promised that the cost overrun language was unenforceable, so she'll keep her word. Lol.

As someone against the arena being in SoDo and not paying its due taxes, I'm voting Steinbrueck (on KUOW said he'd seek to rescind the MOU), Conlin (did vote against the arena), and against O'Brien (who has been McGinn's butt boy on any and all issues, all the way back to being the only council vote against the AWV tunnel, twice).
I can't believe you are endorsing Mike McGinn. McGinn needs to be McGone!! BYE BYE Mike!
"Ask a person of color (non asian)"

"regarding (non asian) people of color"

Wow, racist much? Asians don't count?
You're out of your freakin' minds to waste one vote on this useless bike path building blow hard windbag! He's created more issues within the state (tunnel), financials, police accountability, et al in his four years in office.
and as for the city's Bicycle Master Plan... it's a complete and utter waste of public dollars! I am not gung ho on using every tax dollar to build roads but dammit to hell, fix the fucking things before you start pissing money away on painting green bike boxes on city streets.

Bike lanes that take away residential (I said RESIDENTIAL, not business parking) where there is no parking for residents.

The gun buyback program was shown to be a complete waste of tax payer dollars over and over again. I am not endorsing any idea that the Second Amendment allows every nutcase to walk around waiving a pistol or hold a concealed weapons permit but what happened and the so-called meltdown was shown to NOT have happened. You should maybe take a census on how many people used that money as down payment on replacing those guns with another one!

As for the "booming" economy in Seattle, not one finger of McGinn's was even part and parcel to this situation. This is part of the national trend dealing with mortgage rates, interest rates (helped by the Fed Reserve) and the Market. Your complete and utter lack of understanding into this whole issue is truly shown in your piece.

I have looked for years to the Stranger to actually give some semblance of understanding of the political facts but you have GROSSLY FAILED this time around.
Ed Murray's corporate backers are licking their chops on the news he's a leader in the polls.

Totally awash in IOUs and hidden agendas, Seattle would get a 4-year look at how politics works in Chicago, Newark, and Philadelphia if Ed gets elected.

Remember when all the escrow and "lock-box" accounts were raided to balance the budget? The liquor Control Board came in one day and found all the liquor tax money collected for the cities and counties had been stolen by the legislature. As a result, an additional tax had to be put on spirits to get the money to pay the obligations.

That and more outlandish shenanigans have Ed Murray's fingerprints all over them.


Here is how it pencils out:

You can buy five motor coaches or one trolly and one-quarter mile of track. Which buys more boots-on-the-ground people transportation? Motor coaches by a 5-to-1 margin.

In the 1920s, the whole world broke out in a huge cheer when tire technology finally reached the point the coaches could get rid of those horrid tracks in the streets with their budget-crushing cost, noise, inefficiency, and danger to vehicles, bikes, and pedestrians.

Now some noisy, ill-informed and un-informed groups work overtime to convince us it's "New School" to turn the urban public transportation back nearly a century. Sorry but spending 5-times the cost of coaches for dramatically less public benefit isn't worth it.

The 2002 and 2003 Washington State Legislature sessions re-define a new high in dysfunctional and abysmal performance in the service of the citizens of our state.

We were not only repeatedly let down but we were also treated to less than what many 3rd-world countries dish out to their populace.

If you ask for just two names to get the hell out of Olympia to clean up this horrid situation, what would those names be?

If you are willing to pay for a limited mailing, canvas a few blocks in you neighborhood, write a few e-mails to some blogs, and maybe a few things more, focus on
Ed Murray and Frank Chopp to get shown the door.

If it was dirty, underhanded, and anti-populas with a "screw-you" attitude, both Ed and Frank were behind it with the pedal-to-the-metal.

The State of Washington will never bust out of the sh!t it is in unless the people recognize Ed and Frank for who and what they are and get them the hell out of Olympia.

When people want to "get the bastards out of our government", nothing is left to imagination they are referring to Ed Murray and Frank Chapp.


No, its more like McGinn does not openly have a problem with Asian least as much as he has with African Americans, Natives and Hispanics in Seattle.
It's interesting that almost none of the people bashing the McGinn endorsement are taking the trouble to say which candidate they think people should vote for instead.

Seems like that should be part of the deal-Unless the anti-McGinn posters here are simply calling for a boycott of the primary.
And, for God's sakes, do vote for Sawant-Conlin is one of the most right-wing and anti-humanity people on the city council.

Why would anybody who reads The Stranger vote to re-elect a highway fetishist who hates mass transit, opposes living wage laws, is green in name only, and wants panhandlers to be persecuted? What possible redeeming qualities could a public figure like that have?

Here's reality, folks...people who panhandle do so because they have NO FREAKING ALTERNATIVE. They've been chewed up and spit out by this system...nobody will hire them for a job, no matter how hard they try(most of them spent years trying for work). This is all they have.
And whatever the hell else you can say about them, they're still our fellow human beings and, with the right combination of bad breaks, ANY of us could end up where they are.
@84: Steinbrueck, the only qualified candidate for Mayor. The Stranger's endorsement of McGinn above does indeed sound like something written by someone who was high -- not that there's anything wrong with that. It's a mess of half-truths and wishful thinking by some kids that have been distracted by the silly "all bikes all the time" agenda.
@82 is totally right, check out all these exclusively white people supporting McGinn:
@83, I meant to write.
Four years ago, The Stranger was all "Run Peter Run!" WTF?
If Conlin is so bad how did he get an 'exceptional' rating from the Municipal League? Conlin is endorsed by the Washington Conservation Voters and TREEpac, while neither of his opponents lists ANY enviro endorsements. How are those two greener than Conlin?
Here we go again. At least the mayor has found an issue besides bike paths and tunnels. I stand side by side with McGinn, together we can stop megalomaniacal Whole Foods Markets

Yes, stop the megalomaniacal whole foods markets, while McGinns campaign is bankrolled by the megalomaniacal California 1%er developers for the rich.

Ask youself, if you are so concerned with fighting the corporate state, why is it that they have managed, through McGinn, to move most of the poor out of the city? Why are they turning Seattle LESS diverse by the year (the ONLY west coast city with a population above 500k thats losing racial diversity)?

Why are Ballard, Fremond, and now even Central District no longer affordable to live unless you already owned a home there OR you have at least 500k to drop on a 1 bedrom condo? Dont even get me started on rent, the McGinn admin has been pressuring low income home owners to sell so he and his 1%er buddies can further gentrify (and anti-ethnicize) the city.

Whole foods sucks, but do you enjoy living in a city where the major gives carte blanche to law enforcement to physically assault and fabricate arrest causes to anyone whose skin color isnt white or yellow?
Also, why isnt anyone talking about GOP PAC's side-sliding $$$ to the McGinn campaign?

No one thinks thats just a bit odd?
"The mayor's budgets have replenished the rainy day fund (spent down by the council in 2008), while rebuilding a South Seattle community center and sustaining social services. "

Sustaining social services? That would be hilarious if it weren't so sad.

McGinn has done virtually nothing for those needing social services. He's got his hand so far up Paulie Allen's ass that he's incapable of speaking up against any of Allen's ubiquitous building projects that offer NOTHING for low-income folks, the elderly, or those living with disabilities.

Yes, unemployment may be down, but it's down primarily based on SHORT-TERM jobs like construction, which end within years, especially in Paul and Mike's favorite hood, South Lake Union.

Anyone, ANYONE, but Mike MgGinn.

Except for that whack-job socialist.
Time for publicly-funded district voting and intant runoff voting:call the DOJ--let them know Snobbattle is violating voting rights of many of its residents (which implies they are violating civil rights,and by logical extension,human rights to boot! --- , ,
Agreed. Both of those things are necessary...and if the DOJ won't step up to the plate, municipal initiative campaigns on those issues will be necessary.
Nothing like being the hundredth comment to a story you didn't read. Woot!
Have to admit that I was completely floored by the Seattle Transit Blog's practically ringing endorsement of Richard Conlin. And then they went ahead and whined and complained because the SECB was holding him accountable for his sh*te.

On BOTH of the major transportation issues and votes of this generation, Conlin was first a "supporter" and then worked like the dickens from the inside to help quash both the Monorail and the Surface/Transit option to the Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Project. Isn't that common knowledge or did I miss something?

I'll never vote for him again -- ever. Don't trust him. He's the type of tapioca pudding politician that Seattle gets more often than we deserve.

Yes to McGinn and O'Brien, btw.
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Experience has taught me that if the Stranger endorses a candidate, 90% of the time I should consider voting for someone else. Your paper has a long history of petty foul-mouthed political simple-mindedness. Example, you endorsed McGinn because Real Estate Kingpin Greg Nickels was a lousy snow-plower and you wanted to "send him a message." Nickels was knocked out of the race completely, so you had to double down on McGinn versus that T-Mobile clown who seemed to only know of the Wallingford neighborhood. Now you are trying to convince us that McGinn was the product of deep thought all along.

Not biting. I don't care which candidate is "liberal" or "progressive" about plastic bags, backyard chicken coops or posturing. I don't blame McGinn in one respect - our city council deserves HUGE amounts of blame and derision. This city is rapidly being forever transformed into a dull expensive place, bad for value and economically murderous for anyone who isn't working for Amazon et al. The city council are utter and eternal prostitutes for Paul Allen, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, while sometimes throwing Symbolic Sops and Meaningful Gestures to recently arrived tight-assed "won't somebody do something about all of the problems" professional party-poopers. Like a half-assed version of the San Francisco council. The problems don't start and stop with McGinn - who is a nonentity in my book - but combine him with the council we have now and will have later, and Seattle is doomed to be a boring overpriced city, with hypocritical pot clubs in a state where you cant smoke in a goddamn bar. Get over yourself, already.
"Tired of Investor Class Recently Arrived Super-Professionals"

Speaking as one of those people, might I suggest you fuck off to Kent or Tukwilla then to be closer to YOUR people? Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.
Any endorsements for Burien? Since Seattle is turning it's back on new development these days, some of us are being pushed into neighboring cities where local politics is even more opaque.

And the B-town blog's softball candidate forums are not particularly illuminating. I have to scour the the transcripts in the hope of finding a buried dog-whistle phrase that might give me a clue to their ideals.
If I had known sooner that Richard Conlin hates panhandlers as much as I do, he would have had my vote in an instant. Fuck panhandlers.
Steinbrueck and Conlin both were gassed and nearly trampled by mounted police during WTO, November 1999. I was there with them at the time, and I saw their courage, along with Nicastro and Licata, under fire.

How easily The Stranger forgets things that happened right at their own doorstep.
You need to add to the illustration of McGinn the Towncar following him with his bodygaurd.

I hope readers will check out Steinbrueck's website before blindly voting your recommendations. You're off base about him.

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