The Taliban leader says in effect, if only I had been able to get to you and get you to shut your yap, you wouldn't have been shot. I deeply regret that lapse.

One news headline called it an apology, which it mostly certainly wasn't.
The Washington Post points out that $0 for heat might be realistic if you live in the South. But most of the Southerners I know have triple-digit electric bills from A/C during the summer, so I don't think that actually represents any savings.
Maybe we should add some fucking public urinals. I guess we have to wait till McGinn is caught on piss-can, lord knows we've all peed on a building for lack of basic utilities.
Goat is delicious. I buy it a local Chinese grocery and stew it with onions and jerk seasoning until the meat falls off the bones.
Weird. I was told by somebody on the internet yesterday that the McDonald's budget was "bullshit" and therefore McDonald's and other food service employees actually are well-paid, making Sarah Palin our new Commander-in-Chief.
@3: No, I've never found myself caught in a situation where peeing on buildings was a viable alternative to anything else. Maybe you (and the Pioneer Square drunks) just aren't trying hard enough.
From the And They All Laughed At The Academy files, I once conjectured that a benefit of Global Warming is that our brains would function better because blood would flow more easily through the dense network of capillaries. A colleague of mine castigated me saying...

I recognize it as one in a series of grudging retreats from defensive arguments.

Yet in my thread I collect articles (such as the one SLOG presents, thank you very much) that do link brain performance/activity to temperature!

So who so all mofo'ing deFENsive now?
...stew it with onions and jerk seasoning until the meat falls off the bones

That's hardly a ringing endorsement of any kind of meat, no? It's what you do to meat you're afraid of, not to meat you prize for its own sake. Goat can taste just fine without cooking the shit out of it and smothering it in heavy spices.

$0 for heat might also be reasonable if your heat is electric, and the cost is included in that line item. I seem to remember electric being $90/mo on that budget, which is at least plausible for an annual monthly average including electric heat here in the Pacific NW, with our mild winters and ridiculously low electricity prices.

The really cruel part of that budget is the second job.
Perhaps McDonalds is tacitly admitting that many low-income workers, including McDonalds employees, can’t afford health insurance and simply make do without it.

Certainly not a very good job of defending it. Also, still no mention of fuel for that $150/mo car...
East Euro style WC where you pay a small fee and fat mean faced bathroom attendant sneers at you while you do your business.
If SPD chooses to come down hard on the peeing cop, to demonstrate their new-found concern about police behavior, we will know they just don't get it. All this guy needs is a chat from his sergeant. And no, he wasn't peeing in public -- there was no public around when he did it.

@13: Just because there aren't people around doesn't mean he wasn't OUT in public. The alleyway is not your private urinal just because you think nobody is watching.
When are cities in the US going to admit that human beings can't go twelve or fourteen hours without urinating? (And when are transit systems in the US going to admit that closing the restrooms in light-rail stations isn't a post-9/11 security concern it's a way to lower maintenance costs?) Business owners shouldn't have to be willing to admit non-customers for the sole purpose of using their restrooms just so that the streets don't stink of stale piss. And alleyways shouldn't have to be the nearest thing to a private spot for relief. The technology is available and affordable for free-standing restroom kiosks. Of course, the ones I see are French-designed and -built, so perhaps that's too much of a leap into foreign ideas for our so-called advanced society.
Bikes should have license plates as well.
Yes, WaPo, I am sure SO MANY of those 7 million Americans with two jobs are earning $10 an hour and managing 55 hours a week.
Looks like Pugel's old babysitting job from childhood needs to kick in again, right Dominic. This is quiet funny, but sad.
@8, what? Braising is the best way to prepare meat, and the types of meat that braise well are by far the most flavorful. People who pay large sums for tasteless, textureless cuts of beef like filet mignon are missing out; a brisket or pot roast has ten times the flavor. Cheap cuts always do. The best meat on a cow is the cheek (cabeza).

In Mexico the word is "guisado", or stew, prepared at home and then taken down to the street stall to be sold as the best tacos you will ever have. Birria, for example, is unbelievably good, whether it's beef, lamb, or goat -- goat (de chivo) is best, though.

The only drawback to goat is a minor one -- it's full of niggly little odd-shaped bones. But bones are good for sucking -- ever heard "closer to the bone, the sweeter is the meat"?

You can get birria de chivo at La Estación in Burien, or La Botana on Greenwood Ave N. It's certainly nothing to be afraid of!

La Carta has a lamb birria that's quite delicious. Pam's Kitchen also has some delicious goat, and, of course, watch out for bones.

Also if goat is anything like lamb, and I assume it is, you have to either really lightly cook it or slow braise it for hours. Anything in between and you wind up with shoe leather.
Happy Birthday Nelson Mandela!
If the two jobs listed on the McDonalds monthly budget pay minimum wage ($8/hr in most states), an individual would have to work 64 hours a week to GROSS $2060. A person with dependents making that little might not have to pay federal income tax, but there are other taxes and deductions.
Ive never peed IN pioneer square, but I'm pretty sure at some point I've peed on a building. That disgusting to you? Tree's have tons of animal shit on them but you hug them, all the pee does is sterilize the blood and semen in p/square which is a GOOD thing. Man, use your brain.
@24: Urine doesn't sterilize things.

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