News Jul 31, 2013 at 4:00 am

Why City Regulations to Protect Low-Wage Workers Are Going Largely Unenforced

Alleges wage theft. city of seattle


This quote ""The goal is compliance; we don't operate with a gotcha mentality," explains Nelson." sums perfectly the difference between enforcement of white collar crime and blue collar crime.

Imagine if petty theft or drug offenses were treated as ""The goal is compliance; we don't operate with a gotcha mentality." How different would out criminal justice system be?

But, when it comes to prosecuting white collar crime? We bend over backwards to accommodate.
The jails are full of poor people, not white collar criminals as you claim.
" Why, if wage theft is prohibited by both city (and state) law, is it so common?"

Ahh, truthiness. It just feels right even if there's no data to back up the claim.
@3 - there's data cited right there in the article. Look carefully, you'll find it.
Nickels couldn't keep snow off the streets, and the voters bounced him. McGinn either can't, or won't enforce these laws, and yet the Stranger promotes his campaign. What's wrong with this picture, Stranger?
Nice work, Cienna and Anna. Now let's hope the rest of your colleagues come to their senses.
The problem is there is no way to know what really happened. This is the crazy stuff that employers can do because of the computer check in check out system. Taco Bell is the worst fast food out there anyway she should burn it down just kidding.:?
When I worked for Honda of Kirkland we were paid biweekly. One pay period they only paid me for 1 week. I complained and they told me they would make it up on the next check (in 2 weeks). When the next pay period came they told me they didnt owe me anything. Filed a complaint with L&I and provided my timecards and the paychecks. It took 3 months for me to get paid.

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