News Jul 31, 2013 at 4:00 am

Port Wants to Ban Them in Many Industrial Areas


Ever since we voted to legalize pot, all I hear about is people whining about growing and selling. Any ASSHOLE who thinks they deserve
$4,000 a pound should fuck themselves. Remove the risk, remove the OBSCENE profits. If you want to smoke pot, grow a couple of plants. No
ones going to send you to jail for a cou0ple plants! DONT JUST FEED INTO THE PROFITEERS!!!!!!
For all the ignoranuses out there: GOOD BUD IS
Whats really sad about this whole stranger pot section is that Ben Livingston gets to write it...pathetic wannabe journalist
@2 I love you too, pot activist!
@ handelfire, $4,000 a pound! What year you living in son? It must be a big conspiracy of assholes, because that's what your big letters say. What if I don't want to grow? Do you also tell people who like steak to buy a cow? I like bikes, do I need to get a machine shop? I don't think I have the time. You're so sure it's easier than growing dandelions. Did you know making good whiskey is as easy as turning a faucet? Yeah! You should try it! Or maybe pot's not as easy as dandelions, but not like you would know. But you sure do like to swing your ALL CAPS comment style around like you know. Here's a tip: pot's practically legal already and has been here for quite a while which means the black market premium is thin. The street price has been unchanged in Seattle for twenty years now, wrap your crusty melon around that one. Or just keep being a rube.
Conlin will vote for that anti-cannabis-growing bill,and Sawant campaign should use that to their full benefit. (I hope Kshama is teaming up with the ACLU,the NAACP,La Raza,all non-profits and not-for-profit groups that service the Lower Class,as well as the Tenants' Union of Washington State,the Win-Win Coalition,and Sensible Washington,to get some campaign dough - after all:the SCOTUS' 'Citizens United' decision can be used by the Political Left also! : ) ---- )
The problem was, is, and shall continue to be, unreasonable prohibition laws criminalizing small quantities for non-commercial purposes.

Everything else is just bullshit.

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