In protest of fair wages and food justice, I remember Occupy Oakland shut down a Burger King for a week by serving healthy free food outside prepared by their Kitchen Committee. This always struck me as a thoughtfully tactical form of direct action over rallying for an hour and moving on. That said, I'll be there on Thursday to show my support.
Gonna send unpaid interns to cover this one as well?
Probably not, the interns might get mouthy, demand minimum wage.
Do you knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers even know the definition of intern?
@4 do you know the meaning of privilege…

"And therein lies the issue with unpaid internships. The practice of asking recent graduates to spend their days working for free while paying rent and living in a city like New York is a barrier for entry to students from mid- to lower-class backgrounds."

Btw every argument made in support of unpaid internships can be made for low paying min-wage jobs. Unpaid labour is unpaid labour.

Wonder why interns are winning lawsuits?…

"3.The intern does not displace regular employees, but works under close supervision of existing staff"

If they didn't send unpaid interns to cover these protest would they be sending paid labour?

Why do you think The Stranger stopped using the tagline "Unpaid Intern"? The real question is did they also start paying them.
I think the Stranger is being crafty about unpaid interns. First they bylined it drawing attention and mocking. Then when the tide turned, they went silent successfully tossing a log on the fire against unpaid interns by tolerating being mocked.

Doubt it was that well thought out, but crafty of them in adapting to change and pushing it forward. From behind.
Are people going to pay more for their fast food or are mom and pop fast food stores just supposed to go bankrupt?

@7 yes. As for the very few "mom and pop" fast food stores, they'll adjust. I know a few, they have already moved beyond your point.
If you Google unpaid internship, you'll see there's also a growing movement to do something about that situation. There's even a website to help interns sue for wages. Paid interns are almost twice as likely to get paying jobs after their internship. .…

#4 we do know the meaning of intern. It is deeply ironic that the Stranger, a champion of the poor, agitator for higher minimum wage, a paper that should be behind the movement alluded to by #9, isn't the first to step up to the plate and pay it's interns.
@4: You should keep up with the news. Courts are starting to rule that unpaid internships are simply illegal labor, because basically no unpaid internship follows the legal rules, including the Stranger's unpaid interns, as their Slog posts clearly generated clicks and views.

Why do you think they stopped using the byline "unpaid intern" and joking about it? They were broadcasting their labor violations for all to see.

Seriously, you should keep up with current events before you call other people stupid.
And the day afterward, nothing fucking happens.

Seriously has this even elicited a statement of any note from any of these companies?

This is the same as the people who convinced a few people to walk out of their Wal Mart jobs on Black Friday or whatever that was. That went great.
@8 - So, people will pay more for fast food? Because there are A LOT of mom and pop fast food restaurants and driving them out of business doesn't help anybody.
I believe that all employees of fast food restaurants who are trying to support a family, should not of had a family in the first place. I would not doubt that they did not give a rats ass about education in high school. Meaning that they did not pay attention in class. Fast food places are for the young living with ma or pa not people with kids. You can still be successful with out a diploma or degree, but you are not going to find it working at a fast food joint. They knew what the wages were when they applied, no need to complain later when they can't make ends meet.

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