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I'd say all those good luck charms are backfiring. Cars don't crash through the walls of lucky people.
"Schmidt's attorney said Schimidt is a "survivalist" gearing up for an apocalyptic event, and that "He had no intent to cause anyone harm."

Oh! Since he's using his stockpile of murder tools for non-murder purposes there's nothing to be concerned about. That's good to know.

They seem like they'd be lousy beer bottle openers, but I'm just someone who doesn't own murder tools and don't understand the variety of their non-murder uses.
Good luck Callan!

(Don't forgive to leave Mr. Keck your address so he can mail you a check).
So, a fellow with a loaded crossbow, which is not particularly concealable or unwieldy and which will launch a grand total of one bolt before needing to be reloaded (and who had two other bolts with him) is arrested, but folks are walking around with Glocks with 15-round magazines and we don't worry about them at all.

Got it.
Callan! Keep illustrating the news!

By popular demand!!!!

How is Bumbershoot attendance this year? I was looking at the Seattle traffic cams and the roads seemed empty to me.

Those who have know exactly what the drug smells like. Teens who develop a sudden obsession with incense, candles, air fresheners and fabric softeners should also come under suspicion for drug use.…
The Telltale Signs of a Pedosexual

Accused child rapist's neighbor: His house 'was like a Disneyland'

Neighborhood children describe a kid’s paradise at Rockett’s house. He would throw Fourth of July fireworks shows that rivaled those in downtown Portland, rent inflatable bounce-castle and set up giant slip-and-slides.

Now that they’ve grown up, it all makes sense, but they say it took them quite a while before they put the pieces together and realized what he might be up to.

“You’d go into his house and he had a huge screen TV back when they were brand new,” one now-adult man said. “He had like every single video console you could imagine and then literally a binder with like the slots for CDs and every single game ever made for every system right there.

“In his garage he had these boxes of RC cars and he’d give them out to everyone just like they were candy.”…

Also, dude, epic win on the final video.
These folks have been moving all weekend and could use some help to transition to three new sites. Please help as you are able.

Moving From:
7116 West Marginal Way SW (across from Pacific Plumbing)

Moving To:

1. 2020 South Jackson Street, Seattle in the Central District across from Washington Middle School

2. 1419 22nd Ave., Seattle behind Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd

3. 12914 Martin Luther King Jr. Way South in Skyway
@4 I guess I don't get it either, kind of like how switchblades are illegal, as well as lot of martial arts type weapons (nunchucks, swords etc in many places) but all manner of guns are totally fine. Because second amendment or something
Wow, Congress is actually considering & discussing real policy, not an immediate knee-jerk reaction of "Nobama! Socialist! Kenyan!"

Color me shocked.
Adios douchebag. The stranger sure got its money worth outta this clown though. But ya get what ya pay for. Just sayin.
@4: Absolutely.
It's mind-boggling, considering that the 2nd Amendment only mentions "arms", meaning "weapons", and does not specifically address firearms.
I love that final couldn't have happened to a nicer huckster.
@13: Jeez, be nice. You'll even feel a little better.
@2nd Amendment

Look, I realize you folks hate the Constitution, even to the point of being clownish about it. Murder tools is maybe my favorite stupidity so far, but rational behavior and liberals are always polar opposites I guess.

So if you hate the 2nd Amendment there's actually something you can do about it. Amend it. Well, you can't, because outside of open air petting zoos like Cap Hill there's no interest in further eroding the right to bear arms.

So really your options are to get the hell out of my country or shut your stupid mouths.
@17 You might want to read our Constitution again. It says right there, in the First Amendment that nobody has to "shut their stupid mouths." Not even you, unfortunately.

Why don't you go fuck yourself? Or better yet, move to Russia, where you won't have to worry about that pesky First Amendment. Or the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, or those bleeding heart liberals and all their god-damned "human rights" whining.

There Will Be Blood <3
I rewatched there will be blood recently, there's a reason all anyone can remember is that final scene. The rest of the movie is kind of terrible.
@20: You obviously don't care about cinematography.
@17 - your opinion is irrelevant.

Where could you possibly have a country on our planet?

Pest or pet, go home to your master.
@17: And yet you continue to whine about how the Elastic Clause is a crime against humanity or something, without having the testicular fortitude to amend it or get the hell out of our country.
Richard Schmidt is just a "survivalist" gearing up for an apocalyptic event, which is why he also had a list of politicians and judges.

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