News Sep 18, 2013 at 4:00 am

The Feds Get Strict, and the State Supports More Marijuana


"That's good news for hash-oil dabbers and brownie lovers."

The use of extracts will be limited to infused products. In other words, dabs aren't allowed under I-502.
You can add one drop of olive oil to a barrel
of extract to make it an infused product.
i think i'll keep my green card for one more year while you guys figure this shit out.
Fuck the Defartment of InjuSStice:they are hypocrites for not enforcing the Tenth Amendment (which is what the federal Controlled Substances Act violates every fucking minute!) and calling out the Defartment of Illth and Inhuman DiSSerVICES for having a patent on a natural entity:a cannabinoid compound (Google "U.S.Patent Number 6630507,if you don't have the memo yet!:D) ---- , , )
I don't like pot. I don't smoke pot. I'm convinced the reason why the government doesn't like pot is because it changes the way people think (it makes them harder to program and fool).

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