What if you're just drinking fortified wine from the bottle?

Thank you for the article on Creativity. Sort of interesting stuff, but I want to disagree with #5 regarding Vision trumping the other senses. I don't have a scientific defense on hand. I believe it is well known Van Gogh had failing eyesight when he painted some of his most famous things. Nevertheless, good stuff to ponder. Anybody who has read my comments knows that I tend to argue against our vision-oriented society, while at the same time relying heavily on the crap I see before me. I have a sense of pride (feeling I am contributing creatively) in negating the propaganda I purport, both at the same time.
Sitting Ducks: Selling drugs after NA meetings in South Seattle.

The headline made me think someone was using actual ducks as drug mules or something.
I tried sewing during middle school home something class and I was a failure. I could never remember where/how the thread threads through the machine.
Turning ducks into drug mules would be pretty low, but this might pretty low, but this seems lower:

Police say a Washington man tried to kill his 4-year-old son by injecting him with heroin on the day his divorce was due to be finalized from the boy’s mother.…
I'm anxiously wondering if hydrogen powered cars are related to this news.
I wonder if an American court would recognize the validity of the retrial in Italy? It doesn't seem like such a retrial would be allowed here. If Knox is found guilty there she could probably fight extradition from here on those grounds. In short, I wouldn't go back to Italy if I were her.
Dingoes are also good at making babies stop crying.
I feel so sorry for that fellow losing all his storage units full of paper and whatnot.

And that bog-standard dog sounds very cool joining the kid in howling.

Enough sweetness, time to overcaffeinate and turn mean again.

Your prayers are answered:

Jerry Brown signs bills extending fees to reduce emissions

Assembly Bill 8, by Assemblyman Henry Perea, D-Fresno, will extend until 2024 a $3 increase in vehicle registration fees that was scheduled to expire in 2016. It requires the California Energy Commission to spend as much as $220 million in vehicle registration fee revenues over the next decade to fund the development of up to 100 hydrogen-fueling stations.…

Um, 450 pounds is more along the lines of a QUARTER ton. (9/40 of a ton, to be exact.)

That dog seems pretty sanguine, but I bet if someone made an even slightly quick move anywhere near that baby, they'd end up on the floor with some incisors at their throat.

Why are you drinking ginger anything that isn't Rachel's?
@12: Yes! Thank you. You receive a dingo for soothing.
No Maroon 5 at the Gorge? There should be no Maroon 5 anywhere.

In last 7 days, according to NOAA, the entire state of Oregon (including desert prairie) had 600% of normal rainfall!…
If I could erase my scuzzy memory from seeing scuzzy Maroon 5 at the scuzzy shitty sounding for any concert Key Arena, I would.
What @7 said. She has a much better chance of not going to prison in Italy if found guilty, if she's not there. I certainly wouldn't go back.
Jen, where do you buy Ginger Soother?
Dictator tot.

This is what I call my 5-month-old nephew.
Too bad Boehner'll never (1) read or (2) see this e-mail, but the stakes are high that his House career will latrine today.

Dear John: [in the truest sense of that salutation] Make a wrong decision today - in order to please the rabble that you believe will keep you in power - and you will never be celebrated or honored in any future "Profiles in Courage". Today is your final chance to do the right thing, defy the tea-partyers, and prevent the US government from shutting down - you know, the government you swore to uphold. Obstructionism is the worst form of childishness, and you are better than that. Whatever point the tea-partyers want you to make becomes pointless, the moment you decide to do it, and you will go down in House history as a Buckeye without balls. Thank you for paying - at long last - attention - a fellow Buckeye.
@13: Shows what you know. In the mouths of dogs, cats, and most carnivorans, really, the incisors are tiny little nubbins and it's the canines and carnassials that you need to worry about.
wolf-dog!? for fuck's sake, this is, presumably, their *own* dog! but either way, doesn't everybody know what a husky is? christ.
having said that, the video is fantastic, and you'll find no better canine co-parent to a baby than a husky.

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