The story about Charlene is creepy. It clearly states that she was a lesbian and she literally told Bill to "Back Off!" but then it says he "won her over" by "ignoring" her protests and being persistent. So...what does that say to all young men reading the story? And what does it say about women?
Zero is a real number. Gets me every time.
@1 Do-on't Stop... Believing!
@1 It says something about these two individuals, not much more. It also says that Chirlane is bisexual. They seem happy.

On the Buddhist mayhem against Muslims in Burma, I don't think they're doing Buddhism right. They're all going to be reincarnated as stuff filter-feeders eat. Good luck over your next 10,000 lowly and miserable reincarnations. No peace or enlightenment for you.

The Logic 101 video isn't that helpful in teaching logic. For one thing, it assumes a knowledge of what a "real number" is, without explaining it. Now, most people in an Algebra I class will have learned this early on, and anyone who realizes "real number" is a defined thing outside of a vernacular context could look it up. But that leaves out a lot of people. I'm going to skip attempting a joke about imaginary numbers and Republicans because my comedy skills are awful, so write your own.
The US Preventative Services Task Force recommends against teaching Breast Self Exam on the information that the risks (of false cancer scares) outweigh the benefits for most women. They also make no recommendation about the Clinical Breast Exam because there is insufficient evidence about whether any benefit exists.

Mammography is recommended for women aged 50-74. It is < 73% of these women, according to the article, who are getting their 'recommended check', a mammogram. It is not accurate that only 73% of us are getting our breasts checked when we 100% of us should.
Take anything you read about Venezuela in the New York Times with a grain of salt. The Times has been anti-Chavez, anti-Venezuelan left for years.

Their low point was writing an infamous editorial praising the military coup against Chavez.
Someone yesterday seemed like an idiot, but I enjoy the good humor with which Jen responds to criticism.


You'd probably have to do something with Republicans being anti-education and not knowing that multiplying their imaginary numbers can get you a negative product, which is why everything they do turns to poop.
Why are you calling out USPO about pension payments that are not required of any other gov't agency? These required payments seem like a plot to get rid of the USPO and let the big brown machine (UPS) have the business.
Google's unofficial slogan is "Don't be evil", not "do no evil".

More to the point, the crux of the case is not about GMail users, who did click on a terms of service and by and large understand how keywords lead to ads. It's people who *sent* email to GMail users who might not have known about the bots scanning it for keywords.

Perfect horseshit, but here we are.
@4 If they are happy in love, and other people want to be happy in love, should people not take a lesson from a successful relationship anecdote? That certainly seems to be Dan Savage's philosophy.
@6, Maduro is a tool, and the successes of the Chavez regime, which were entirely provided by oil, are slipping away. Venezuela is toast, unfortunately.

@5, I had a mammogram recently. Men do get breast cancer, though not as often. The lump I found turned out to be a lipoma (fat glob), as most of them do. Still, it was a very interesting procedure; I kind of liked getting my tit mashed. If only it wasn't so expensive -- I have Group Health, which means that it costs twice as much after insurance pays their share as it does to just walk in a clinic and not use insurance at all.
Fun true statement:

If I have 3 legs, then I am Ted Cruz.
I like this intro to logical arguments:…
Anyone know if the anti-revenge-porn bill would criminalize behavior like that of the women who spread around Anthony Weiner's dick pics/sexts? Cindy Leathers' behavior in particular seems reprehensible: engage in consensual sex chat with someone, then reveal the details to smear his reputation and get your 15 minutes of fame.
How can flowers be 240 million years old when the earth is only 6,000 years old? Dinosaurs, flowers, what a bunch of science crap.
Jesus magicked them here using his DeLorean time machine.

Don't question it, just believe it. It's right there in the bible.... um... in the back somewhere...

Are you sure 240 million > 6,000? I'd like to see a logical demonstration of this "fact" before I buy in.
In other exciting radical regressives shut down the government news, it appears that Tom Clancy died in a Baltimore hospital near his home, to protest ObamaCare.
Here's a great article on the complete and utter failure of the media that is giving the RNC the cover it needs to make an extended list of demands for its donors in return for a one-year extension of the debt ceiling. How can it not be front-page news that they are demanding approval for Keystone in return for not bankrupting the US?…

The bill makes it a crime to distribute "private images with the "intent to harass or annoy" (according to the article). I'm not sure if that applies to people who release those images for pure profit or fame-mongering. I certainly hope so.

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