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Our Endorsements and CHEAT SHEET for the November 5, 2013, Election—Vote for Mike McGinn, Kshama Sawant, and Public Financing!


Thank you for supporting Charter Amendment 19. You said "The campaign is run by "neighborhood activists" who have opposed density, have opposed transit, and basically want to send Seattle back to 1972." I am "anotherneighborhoodactivist" on another blog, and I am not opposed to density (only poorly done and unmitigated development), I support transit (strongly!), and I definitely don't want to go back to 1972 (the year I got to Seattle).

There are many neighborhood activists like me; we want to help make Seattle the great city is could be. Let's make this improvement to Seattle's political scene a reality!
Funny as ever. Awesome.
I'm not sure about CA 19. "My rep" might be fantastic, but "the other guy" might be a nihilist anarchist. The manufactured crisis in DC underscores the dangers of elected representatives who only need to please a small segment of the population.
And if this districting measure passes, it will conflict with the public financing measure, possibly requiring the city council to send voters another ballot measure next year to reconcile the two.

What is the specific, explicit conflict? Could you guys do a Slog on this and then toss the link to that Slog here into the online version of the SECB guide as well?
Joe @4: Prop 1 as written applies only to "city wide" positions. Licata tried to get possible districts covered (i.e., less contributions threshold for district positions), but could only get 4 votes at Council. Under state law, substantive provisions must be approved by voters.
@4, I wrote about the conflict in June. Here you go!…

We'll also embed it in the body of the article.
Echoing TobyinFremont I'd also like to thank the SECB for the Yes on Charter Amendment 19. I am one of those "Neighborhood activists". Except my neighborhood is Belltown where we have been pushing for density and transit for decades and with Districts we'll finally get a seat at the table deciding our future. We look forward to working with other neighborhoods with similar interests. Actually, under Districts a solid majority on the council will represent neighborhoods with density needing transit.
Naaaaiiilled it!
@4 - There would not be any need to change the Districts measure. The change would have to come from Prop 1.

Prop 1 only covers at-large seats. As Toby mentioned, Nick Licata tried to amend it.

Because of the state laws surrounding public financing measures, Council may (probably) would have to put an amended Prop 1 back on the ballot for voter approval.
Support the regressive tax loving Mike McGinn, down with poor people!
Smart move endorsing Sue Peters over the vacuous Suzanne Dale Estey. Actually, vacuous gives her the benefit of the doubt. Based on Josh Feit's report on Estey's previous career as WAMU Corporate Puppet, I'm inclined to call her something else.
I support density. I often comment that we should not require parking, AT ALL, we need transit, everywhere, and omg Copenhagen is the way to go.

And I support charter amendment 19 for districts. because this is about democracy. having the council closer to the people will help ensure that when spd is out of control beating up people, at least one council member takes the lead in fighting spd abuse. currently there is none who does that! when the council wants to shove a subsidized arena down our throats, sure, we had two voting against, but did you hear them taking the lead? districts would help assure at least some really take the lead fighting that kind of huge boondoggle.

when the council approves $200M for the mercer remodel, and a ten million dollar bike bridge over train tracks, but can't fix the damned curb cut on the ballard bridge so you can actually bike over that bridge southbound, and can't figure out how to get a bike route on 50th from green lake to roosevelt, they're just not doing density well at all, they're out of touch on ALL issues, pro density included! at large means they don't get the details right since they're too focused flining money and goodies at amzaon and vulcan and paul allen and chris Hansen.
vote yes on 10! for more accountability. for progressive outcomes. for councilmembers representing us, the people, not them the big money interests.
There was no such thing as an "Occupy Seattle organizer". There was no elite group of individuals who organized things. Everyone did as they saw fit, and worked together on common projects when they saw that other folks had similar ideas. Period. There was no "organizer" class. There were just people getting things done. Or not getting things done. Whatever.

The other week, I saw someone who I knew from Occupy Seattle. She definitely fit all the checkmarks of "organizer". She got people together to help clean up the local alleys by SCCC. She got together specific projects to pick up litter from both the camp and its surroundings. Last time I talked to her at SCCC, she was planning to help care for folks who needed to detox. She did all this despite going through a world of hurt and a personal hell.

When I saw her a couple weeks ago, she was sitting in the pouring rain asking for change.

I doubt that Kshama Sawant, an "Occupy Seattle organizer", even knows her name. She probably never even talked with her. After all, this wasn't a politician, they didn't have a nice condo, there was no place for her in Sawant's world. This wasn't someone considered to be in the rarified "organizer" class. They weren't interested on forcing policies onto people or using people as units to be manipulated. As far as Sawant was concerned, she was a non-entity.

But I know who I'm more inspired by.
To be fair, embalming fluid is more of a brain-solidifier, not liquifier. You owe embalming fluid an apology for comparing it to the Seattle school board.
It is funded by Faye Garneau almost alone, along with a few others who have fought city building and zoning codes for decades. Community activists are not the source of funding for this. Some of them have been paid for services.
Whoops, @7. Now your district is represented by a well-connected NIMBY from Magnolia or the ritziest Queen Anne environs. Yours too, @12.

This result is not an accident. This is the work of an anti-urbanist mapmaker who carefully drew districts to dilute representation of your interests and to build a government of the NIMBYs, for the NIMBYs. Thus the skepticism of the Municipal League and others concerned about the consolidation of power in the hands of the already-haves.

Devil = details.

That this campaign couches its aims in weaselly language about "alternative viewpoints" and vague claims of progressive sympathies makes it all the more infuriating.

District representation is not inherently wrong. But if you care about this city entering the 21st century, you need to vote against the Trojan Horse that is Charter Amendment 19.

And Toby, I have begun to report your illegal and profoundly ironic usurping of city property with your campaign signs to the appropriate city agencies. So you might want to knock that shit off.
If only Utah could have election guides - and elections - as entertaining as this. In Utah it is basically which white Mormon GOP male - with a couple of token white, nutcase Mormon females (Lockhart, Ruzicka) - belongs to the biggest ward and knows the most people and has the most existing politicians in his wallet. Being a high mucky-muck in the church is also helpful, though just by virtue of being a white GOP male, they're already higher than everyone else. Boring and intractable - that's election time in Utah.
Well, DP, if you don't like the map change it. Join the citizen's commission and redraw it to fit your particular politics. There are only three District elections before the map is re-drawn.

Truth is not everyone will like any map. That's why we open it up to rebalancing and redrawing by a citizen's commission after the next census.
There are two troubling things about School Board candidate Dale Estey (beyond the fact that between her campaign and her supporters' PAC, there is almost $200k...for a school board race).

One, she says she's running a "positive" campaign but has no problems with the PAC running misleading and negative flyers against Peters in the primary. She also has no problems with a member of one of her steering committees sending out an e-mail supporting Dale Estey where the author brags about seeing e-mails that Peters sent to her children's teacher and principal. Nasty stuff and who goes after other information about the children of candidates?

Two, Dale Estey is vague on the issues. She says the right things with no specifics. What does she think of the math adoption? Smaller class sizes? Capacity management? All she talks about is her "concern" over disproportionality in discipline rates and being able to talk to legislators.

We need Sue Peters because she knows the issues, knows the district and knows the role of a Board Director as part of team member and not a star.
There are two troubling things about School Board candidate Dale Estey (beyond the fact that between her campaign and her supporters' PAC, there is almost $200k...for a school board race).

One, she says she's running a "positive" campaign but has no problems with the PAC running misleading and negative flyers against Peters in the primary. She also has no problems with a member of one of her steering committees sending out an e-mail supporting Dale Estey where the author brags about seeing e-mails that Peters sent to her children's teacher and principal. Nasty stuff and who goes after information about the children of candidates? Why does Dale Estey remain silent on what her supporters are doing to elect her?

Two, Dale Estey is vague on the issues. She says the right things with no specifics. What does she think of the math adoption? Smaller class sizes? Capacity management? All she talks about is her "concern" over disproportionality in discipline rates and being able to talk to legislators.

We need Sue Peters because she knows the issues, knows the district and knows the role of a Board Director is as part of team member and not a star.
Wow I never thought I would see money that looks like it stinks.
not a socialist but I love Kshama Sawant's platform and I will gladly vote for her again.
d.p. @ 16: You call others "delusional"? lol
You're a sub-literate imbecile, Toby, and have been reported.
Speaking of the School Board, that's one area where we've handed great influence to know-nothing "neighborhood activists" elected by district, no?

How's that one working out?
Actually d.p., dumping the corporate-funded lackeys/bobbleheads and electing unpurchased candidates has led to more student-centered focus decisionmaking.

Anything else?
Nick Licata did wonders for affordable housing by championing the Healthy Homes for All meassure that created the Rental Housing Inspections Program so renters (ie most of us) don't have to live in crappy conditions and/or risk retaliation from shitty landlords. ps Bagshaw voted in favorite of it and remarked at a council meeting that she onced lived in a place in college where fungal mushrooms were growing out of the wall in her shower. Might explain a few things...
"Yes on 517"- stick it to Monsanto. "Yes on City Council Districts"- stick it to the council. "Yes for McGinn" -he got a verbal commitment for Tunnel cost over-runs from the former Governor.

I hope there was some serious dissent among the Stranger's staff. Your picks are usually partisan, but these picks are lazy partisan.
D.P., you are wrong about School Board elections. For the primary, only voters in that district may vote and send out the top two voter-getters to the General.

For the General election, ALL voters vote in every School Board race. So please voters, mark the ballots for School Board for EACH race.
It wouldn't hurt if Sawant would show a hint of cleavage, amirite?
Don't blame me, I voted for Kennewick Man.
Thank you so much for supporting Sue Peters. I worked with her against I-1240 and know her through other educational avenues. She is brilliant. I know her opponent well enough to say, "Don't be fooled". Vote for Peters.
I522 Label GMOs Mayor McGinns opinion:…
Why do we McGinn haters hate McGinn? How about the fact that he's a fucking liar, who "changed" his mind about the tunnel and said he wouldn't oppose it, then got into to office and immediately set about trying to derail the tunnel. I didn't forgive Hillary for voting for the Iraq war; I don't forgive McGinn for being a lying sack of shit.
i think i shit my pants a little
The "overwhelming scientific consensus is that GMO crops are entirely safe to eat." -there it is, Monsanto's dream propaganda come true printed in the Seattle Stranger...

Really??? Way to play both sides on the GMO issue. And the Seattle Stranger did it for free, no kick-down pay from Monsanto for that little slip -eh? Meanwhile, back in the real world, any research that is funded by industry with a vested interest in the results, IS NOT SCIENCE! It's called conflict of interest...

But, Jesus fucking christ! Are you kidding me? Not one editor of this voting guide (even the food editor?!) knows about, or has bothered to investigate the overwhelming scientific evidence that GMO's cause severe harm to human health?

Here's a few sources for starters:… (26 August 2013)… (16 April 2013)……
Well said, re: 522.
(40 was directed at the SECB, and not #39 - though thanks for the links, 39.)
I take that back. Those links don't work. Are you just being cheeky?
@37 - Thank you! I couldn't agree with you more. McGinn needs to move on to greener pastures, AKA the private sector. His job performance has been lackadaisical and exceptionally disappointing. The only thing I know he stands for is bicycle rights, other than that he flips and flops.
Goddammit!! (you're right McBomber)
The Stranger seems to have it set up that the 3 dots come up instead of the rest of the link?

Oh well, so here are the titles of the articles instead, with the dates they appeared on the sites:
-'New CSIRO GMO Wheat can Silence Human Genes, Cause Early Death' by Christina Sarich (16 August 2013 at
-'Analysis Finds Monsanto's GMO Corn Nutritionally Dead, Highly Toxic' by Mike Barrett (16 April 2013 in
-'Study linking GM maize to cancer must be taken seriously by regulators' by John Vidal (18 Sept 2012 in
-'The Goodman Affair: Monsanto Targets the Heart of Science' by Claire Robinson and Jonathan Latham. PhD (20 May 2013 in

And here's one more:
-'Monsanto: Profits Above Human Health' by Stephen Lendmen (26 May 2013 in
The Stranger and I-522 supporters never fail to bring up Monsanto's funding of the campaign against I-522. Monsanto are fucking evil scumsuckers and there's no real way around that.

But if you're going to broach the topic of morals, why not talk about Joseph Mercola, one of the main supporters of I-522? Here's some highlights of his illustrious career:

- Mercola claimed HIV does not cause AIDS, and is in fact caused by "psychological stress" for which he has marketed a treatment
- Mercola is major proponent of homeopathic treatment for all medical conditions, a method that completely contradicts all knowledge of physics and chemistry
- Mercola claims that statins are dangerous, despite these being so obviously effective and life-saving that they are part of standard medical practice
- Mercola has racked up countless warnings from the FDA for marketing snake oil remedies with impossible claims

Again, say what you will about Monsanto and them. I'm in full agreement that they are scum. But let's at least give equal time to the evil that lurks on both sides.
ahem...#45: the FDA is run by Monsanto...

anyway, here's one more from called 'Think the Anti-GMO Movement is Unscientific? Think Again' by Sayer Ji (19 June 2013)

(and to #45- If you were to do the slightest bit of research -outside of the narrow confines of corporate media! you'd find it's the medical establishment that you can't trust!!! And the statins fraud is just another example. Try this non-corporate source: 'Statin Drugs Are the Greatest Medical Fraud of All Time: Study Reports' by Heidi Stevenson (23 Sept 2013 from
Good point, tdc. I used to work at promoting natural medicine and always bristled at Mercola and his devout followers, and sought to distance my organization from that fringe. He has built a small shady empire based on pseudo-science and paranoia, but can't be compared with the likes of global ag-giant Monsanto. So while I agree we should look at both sides, big ag has much deeper pockets and is a much larger threat to global food security. Mercola may be evil, but he's not trying to patent the world's food supply. As SECB said, GMOs seem to be safe. Let's label our foods and force the producers to convince the public that their product is safe - both for human consumption and for long-term environmental health.
I bet Goldy got that "wankers" language in there didn't he.

Good for you, 'not enough of it....
I got my State voter's pamphlet yesterday, and boy, the 517 entry was hysterical. Just skip down to the authors of the "pro" side. It's a roll-call of Mr. Krankypants who had to scream at some kids on his lawn.
I'd vote for an initiative that wanted Tim Eyman banished to a tiny island in the north Atlantic, after officially declaring him a horse's ass.
Re: I-522: The one question I've been trying to get the answer to was something NOBODY told me, until I got my voter's pamphlet: How does the initiative DEFINE 'genetically engineered' food products? After all, there is nothing whatever 'natural' about agriculture: it is entirely a product of artifice.

ALL cultivars are 'genetically engineered', as a simple exercise in trying to identify the wild ancestors of various domestic plants and animals will illustrate. Some of the 'artificial selection' has been so extreme that Darwin himself thought that domestic dogs had been bred away from different species of wild canines (they weren't).

I-522 specifically defines 'genetic engineering' to refer to interspecific, intergeneric...and so on, up to interkingdom; gene splicing, which is defined in the text as impossible in 'nature'. This isn't quite correct: if it were, there would be no fear of the cultivars going feral and taking over 'wild' ecosystems, since the 'frankenfoods' would be as unable to breed true as a mule.

Nevertheless, definitions are important, and they seem to have been entirely left out of the public discourse.
Why do you care if Eyman makes money?
He may or may not be an a-hole.
The issue should be whether the law is a good one.
You missed the point.

As to the Red, I vote for her in the primary but then I heard her talk, I changed my mind. Alas. I wish I had another choice but Ms. Sawant just doesn't sound like she has much to say. No, rent control is stupid. Dominic had it right by saying that the best way to keep rents in check is to allow developers to go crazy and over-build. Who benefits with rent-control is NIMBYs.
"Vote Gregoire, because what other choice do you have?"

Totally sick though probably true.
vote yes on districts, this will allow more grass roots type candidates to run.
a socialist could win. a grass roots younger person could run in each district. likely these district races will be won with vote totals like 20K to 18K -- totally opening the door to socialists, renters, young people, women, minorities.
relatively speaking, our council is older, and richer. if you want to shake it up vote yes for districts and every seat is up in 2015.
Err on the side of being a fucking moron you mean.
The GMO/GE food definition in 522 is akin to the definition as provided by the FDA and the international community. Yes, these are species of plants/animals that would not occur naturally. Once they're created, however, they may be able to mate "naturally" with similar species. Which is a major part of the concern for ecological diversity on a global level. Because if there is a conventional crop that is doing well, the GMO/GE crop may come in and take over through breeding or spreading.

To parallel it to humans, let's say a company "Mansanto" produces a male "human" with a multitude of tiny gene alterations named Manimal. This Manimal has genes from bacteria, bats, salmon and roaches. The Manimal is like a comic book character: super strong, can leap from tall buildings, uses little oxygen and is impossible to kill. No current procreation methodology could create Manimal naturally. But Manimal is viril and has enough gene similarity with humans that he can spread his seed. The problem is that once Manimal starts getting frisky with female humans, and his viril manliness spreads like wildfire, then after a couple of generations, a large percentage of "humans" will have some genes from bats, bacteria, salmon & roaches.

Now imagine you're a woman who is looking to get pregnant using artificial insemination. You go to a sperm bank and you can't tell which sperm is Manimal by Mansanto because it's NOT LABELED. It's a problem, right?

Such a racist ass, Five Large. Everyone liked you so much more when you pretended to be a heavily armed bleeding heart. Now you're just another redneck prick, as if those are in short supply around here.

If you went back to pretending to be the other kind of guy, at least we could say, "Oh, here's a kind of asshole you don't meet every day!"
It's worth remembering that the worst thing your hippie aunt ever did to anyone was feed you tofu scrambled eggs that didn't taste like anything.

Emperor Palpatine is the guy who did genocide for giggles.

So, you know, false equivalence and all that. After this fight is over, the labels go on the packages and you don't have to live every day listening to hippies who believe incorrect things about GMOs. But you do have to eat whatever Monsanto and General Mills and Kellog decide you're going to eat. One's an annoyance, the other owns your daily sustenance.

What does looking like she stinks have to do with Sawants Race? She is always making a face like she has a yeast infection, or some other form of vaginitis.

Company Violated Campaign-Fund Laws -- $60,000 Spent To Influence Election

@David Miller

I guess the second time around for districts will be much better for Faye Garneau and the GOP, huh?

I love her excuse. She is basically saying,
"I got drunk and I didn't know what I
was doing. Tee hee hee".

$250K by ONE PERSON for what reason?

I decided against districts.

Our recent experience with the US House of Representatives is why.
@61 -- so you're in favor of an at large us house?

at large state senate?

districts are how we do representative democracy. in seattle, you can see the kind of people we elect in districts, check out our state senators and state reps. they're

-lots of women and minorities
-super progressive.

with districts, YES, we will ensure that ballard gets (for example) a honey bucket at ballard commons while SE Seattle gets something they want. whereas today with at large the whole system is designed to favor Big Money and big interests like developers, who get all they want. $200 million for a mercer remodel, and you can't safely bike across the ballard bridge, transit travel times are worsening to west seattle, and minorities are getting beaten up by police. when you have districts you have better government since divers reps from districts really champion the issues of concern to the PEOPLE in each district. with at large? what? the average voter has NO IDEA who jean godden is, or sally bagshaw, or jim compton, or heidi wills, or tom rasmussen, and has no idea if they are for or against spd reform or the sodo arena or giving amazon every floor they want in SLU. you can't even follow who they are. lots of liberals are backing districts like:

king county democrats
metropolitan democrats
46th district democrats

(36th pcos were in favor 62%!!)
jeane kohl welles, jessyn farrel, gayle tarleton, gerry pollet, frockt, sharon nelson, daniel norton, former democrat of the year jeanne legault, mary lou dickerson, rod demobowski, the list goes on. many groups have endorsed YES on 19. only one has endorsed the other way. remember, at large historically has been the tool of the downtown good old boys, it's challenged all over the south as oppressing minorities, also in yakima, in austin under at large they used to pick one latina and one black they'd let win ...if in conformity with downtown in seattle, while our dominance by downtown and money is softer and more subtle, it's there. districts is more small d democratic. sometimes you get the feeling that's exactly why some opponents don't like it! btw @61 unlikely any tea party idiots going to be elected by districts in seattle WA....nor republicans....but we might get a socialist if we have districts. at least in a district sawant would have more of a chance against a conlin. she's for districts btw.
I like the idea of district-elected council members, but think city-wide council members are important too. What I'd really like to see is the size of the council increased to 11 with 2 new city-wide council seats added. 7 district seats and 4 city-wide seats would strike a better balance imho.
No wonder Sawant is no longer with her husband. If every time I turned around in saw Goldy dry-humping my wife's leg, I'd ditch the whore, too.
Helpful recommendations but the juvenile language of the endorsements-- comparing people to "shit stains" and "warts on the ass of democracy"-- will continue to keep the Stranger politically marginal.
@ 62. Whatever. All politicos who want a
new job that pay $130K a year with benefits.
Hey, don't mess up our city with bullshit.
I rather vote for 9 than for one.

Where are the unions, minority groups, and
other progressive groups? I wonder why a
well-known Regressive backer is willing to spend so much $$$ on this. You are calling out the 46th and 36th, as supporters. How about the other side? Why are they so quiet, before
the plunge and twist?

Fuck, it's like a civil war: progressive elites
vs. other progressive elites, but with Repug
support and money.

Rodney Tom, Sheldon, is that you???

you distribute your paper in bellevue so why don't you recommend for bellevue city council races?
"yet the overwhelming scientific consensus is that GMO crops are entirely safe to eat" says the stranger staff (by consensus).

Thanks, "the Stranger" has eased my mind. My concern that the dna in my food has been altered with another trait that is foreign, that would never occur in nature, is misguided and "bullshit" as you say.

Seriously don't know what I'd do without this voters' guide.
Joseph Mercola totally rulz! His exposures of corporate control over the FDA, to say the least, are invaluable and he has my eternal respect! (You goddamned band-wagon following *@!!-- Look no further than Mercola's funding of the documentary on Burzynski -whom the FDA spent millions of our tax-dollars trying to destroy, while at the same time trying to steal the patent of his cancer cure?!! Just look up 'Burzynski' on the vimeo site and I dare you to just watch the first 5 minutes. Go on, watch the first 5 minutes of Mercola's 'Burzynski' documentary and them come back and try to tell everybody what an "evil" man Mercola is...FUCK YOU!!)

And the more I think about it, the more the Stranger's half-ass support of yes on 522 makes me sick while they try to slip in that Monsanto garbage about "overwhelming science that GMO's are entirely safe to eat"... but then I can just see the Stranger staff explaining to some Monsanto rep in some back-room deal, "but master Gates, we can't say no on 522 because then it'll be too obvious"... Let's not forget that this is BillGatestown and he does own over 600,000 shares of Monsanto, and oh, Monsanto also happens to own a private mercenary company formerly called Blackwater...

Yeah sure, and the Seattle Stranger didn't take any kick-down pay from Monsanto's anti-522 millions? Really? You just slipped in that little piece of propaganda service for Monsanto for free. Fuck all you Stranger editors who let that lie slide through to print. You are all pure shit!

Sources (don't work if I type in the links so I have to type them this way):
- 'Bill Gates Dodges Questions On Why He Owns 500,000 Shares of Monsanto (12 Feb 2013) by Anthony Gucciardi
- 'Monsanto Now Owns Mercenaries Blackwater Newly Named 'Academi' (31 May 2013)
- 'Bill Gates, Rockefeller and the GMO giants know something we don't' (4 Dec 2007) by F. William Engdahl
I-522 is about labeling foods containing GMO's, nothing else.

I'm watching what will happen to rent prices in South King once you raise the minimum wage to $15.

My guess is the landlords will eat it all up.

But that's Socialism for ya.
It would be nice if the cheat sheet could be printed separately (or am I missing something?)
Thank you for your sensible recommendation to Vote YES on I-522 enabling food consumers to make informed choices about the food they purchase in grocery stores and thereby chose to avoid purchasing those with GMOs.

However, I must take issue with your statement that "the overwhelming scientific consensus is that GMO crops are entirely safe to eat." That's a half truth at best. In case you hadn't noticed, science is big business and truly independent science an endangered species.

What gets published or even considered for study depends upon corporate dollars and the outcome of many a study these days depends as much on where the funding is coming from as how many Monsanto Vice Presidents and lobbyists are currently employed at the FDA, EPA, and Dept. of Agriculture. For a counterpoint to your specious assertion on the issue of safety, I invite readers to check out my blog piece:…
A $15 minimum wage pipe dream is one thing, but I can't vote for anyone who actually thinks rent control is a good idea.

What happens when you keep prices artificially low as demand increases? Supply dries up. Nobody wants to move out of a rent-controlled apartment without some incentive, like doing your rich family friends a favor, or taking some "consideration", or you know, dying. Meanwhile developers don't want to build more artificially cheap rentals, so they build more condos while they try to convert existing units into condos.

And Sawant *teaches* economics(*)? At an almost college level? Good lord.

(*) Erh... okay, "instructs"; I'm sure there's a technical difference which means she doesn't have to actually know anything about the subject.
"There is no scientific consensus that genetically modified foods and crops are safe, according to a statement released today by an international group of over 85 scientists, academics and physicians.[1]

The statement comes in response to recent claims from the GM industry and some scientists and commentators that there is a “scientific consensus” that GM foods and crops are safe for human and animal health and the environment. The statement calls such claims “misleading” and states, “The claimed consensus on GMO safety does not exist.”…
You know how every once in a while The Stranger endorses a candidate, position, or initiative on the basis of hypothetical outcomes or the desire to "send a message", and then the actual outcomes return to bite us all in the ass?

Charter Amendment 19 would totally be one of those.

Follow the money, and follow the questionable "advocacy" of its (tiny number of) proponents. This is an attempted power grab by "Seattle in amber" types.

Let's hope for the sake of this city's future that the general electorate is as distrustful of the proponents' motives as the unenthusiastic polling numbers suggest.
Murray, sent down from Olympia or brought in by the "downtown chamber of comerce" to restore the puppet/puppet master relationship... How dare the Mayor of Seattle stand up to business-as-usual? Errors and cost overruns on the state tunnel should be billed to Seattle residents... Don't cha know?

I am thankful that McGinn did the hard work as mayor in worst part of the recession, and kept city residents from being stuck in big tunnel doo. He should have a chance to be mayor in hopefully even better days.
Maybe it is because I'm crossing 50 and there really is nothing quite like being lectured by 20 somethings about how the world should be, but seriously, could there be a more AGEIST rant out there? Life Alerts? Metamucil swilling?

Yes, let's elect people because they are YOUNGER, not because they have any new thought.

I'm looking for new ideas, and not sure raising the minimum wage is a real answer. Why not print more money while we're at it? Oh, let's have term limits, or better yet, no one over 40 should be trusted. Ah, everything that's old is new again.

So is the fact that anyone who has worked with McGinn seems to support Murray supposed to be interpreted as a positive?

I tend to look to the Stranger for some actual thought and review, mixed in with the snark. All snark, no thought.
@52:not all NIMBYs are bad:there are different types(as for rent control?You need to talk to the WLIHA about that,Einstein!-- ,as well as the Tenants' Union of Washington State. --- ).
Hey!ECB!Why the fuck did you violate your own endorsement protocol by asking Seattle's voters-to-be to choose the less progressive candidate for the city council's Sixth Position?(Nick Licata instead of the Socialist Workers Party's Edwin P. Fruit?).Thank God for Eat the State!'s suggestions . . . ---
I'm of the opinion that Initiative 517 might actually not favor the Reich wingers (as it applies to all signature gatherers,and I've been one):I like the fact that it extends the time to gather sigs.Who knows if Sensible Washington's cannabis-legalization ballot petition of 2010 would've got on that year's general-election ballot as a result?It sure as Hell was a Morally superior petition to New Approach Washington's I-522. ---
Seattle,like most US cities,is in need of even more city-council seats (and concomitant districts).Why?Because the fucking populace of most cities (and counties) has risen since Day One. --- ,http://www.proportional-representation.o… . .Who knows how many socialists would be on a city council that had,say,twenty seats?Proportional representation isn't restricted to party politics,but also applies to district politics and demographical politics,redlining,reSStricKKKtive covenants,and racist gerrymandering be damned . . . .O.O
A Conlin volunteer just knocked at my door (in Madison Valley). He said who his candidate was, I said I wasn't voting for him, and he apologized for bothering me. Perfectly polite, but it struck me that he didn't try to convince me of his candidates virtues or ask me why I wasn't voting for him. Pretty bad PR.
While I always appreciate The Stranger's Voters’ Guide, I have one major qualm with regard to your comments on King County Council Candidate Naomi Wilson. You state, “Naomi Wilson has little experience and a spotty voting record, and is running on the platform of not being an ‘insider.’”

Frankly, the voting piece is very disturbing. By saying this, The Stranger, a paper that has historically advocated for new perspectives and atypical candidates, is essentially disparaging a large number of citizens who may someday believe they can make a big difference in their community.

With only a 51 percent turnout expected in the upcoming general election, and a 26 percent turnout in this year’s primary, you might as well tell all the people who didn’t make it to the polls once or twice in their lifetimes to not even bother with voting, elections or ever considering a run for office in the future.

Moreover, with Councilmember Julia Patterson leaving and dismal results for candidate Shari Song in the primary, the King County Council could very likely lose all female Democrat presence. So thank you, Stranger, for helping to discourage a single female of color with two adopted children and a full-time job so King County can elect another "Leave It to Beaver, charming" white male.
@66 who said "the juvenile language...will continue to keep the Stranger politically marginal."

You don't know much about Seattle politics, do you? I guarantee more Seattleites vote based on recommendations from The Stranger than vote based on recommendations from...the shit stained ass wart known as the Seattle Times..for example.
Why are Ron Simms and Former Gov.Gregoire supporting Murray?
@91. They forgot to bring a present when
Murray got married.
The Stranger's Election Control Board is hypocritical:it says to not vote for Edwin Fruit because of lack of experience,the very same quality that Mike McGinn had back in four years ago,althought that fact did not prevent The Stranger's ECB from officially endorsing Mr. McGinn.Jesus . . . .
@74 who wrote:

"I'm watching what will happen to rent prices in South King once you raise the minimum wage to $15.

My guess is the landlords will eat it all up.

But that's Socialism for ya."

No, that's a Capitalist response to a Socialist action. Socialism would raise minimum wage AND prevent greedy landlords/property owners from swooping in to eat up the wage.
@ 88 Race has nothing to do with it, Rod is the better candidate.
the funniest, most incisive voting shite i've seen. y'all are brilliant. thanks to you i've put down the embalming fluid.
No on Charter amendment 19!

It's appropriate that the measure to go to winner-take-all districts is called Amendment 19,. It's a 19th century solution to the problems of 21st century democracy. It takes us backward, not forward.

If you love the US House and the state senate, then districts may be your thing. But let's move FORWARD with a change away from winner-take-all elections, not BACKWARD with going to winner-take-all wards.

thanks again for letting me know who not to vote for stranger! voted the opposite of your recommendations 100%!
@73: Ah, the questionable "Democrat, but not progressive or even liberal" demographic.
@David Miller

Company Violated Campaign-Fund Laws -- $60,000 Spent To Influence Election


But a source said the violation was uncovered by commission investigators during a "routine review."

Faye Garneau, who was co-chair of Citizens for a Community Based City Council campaign, said: "All we did was put money in the bank and report it. . . . We just tried to do what we could, and follow the rules."

Garneau said the group was fined about $2,200 for filing reports late, which she said was due to the treasurer's illness.

Garneau, who already has turned over the group's banking records, said she also has received a subpoena from commission executive director Carol Van Noy to turn over other records next Tuesday, indicating the ethics commission investigation is continuing.

Why are you supporting a well-known
Republican financial backer????

This is Faye Garneau's second time around
for districts, but this time using her
own $250,000 to take away our voting
powers from voting on 9 positions to 3 positions in the city council.

Are you guys like Tom, Sheldon? DINOs?
Please let us know WHY you are doing this.

Also, Faye Garneau was the main financial
supporter to defeat Seattle Transportation Benefit District Prop 1 in 2011 to help
our city streets and sidewalks.

Faye gave $13,000 out of the $24,000 raised.

Oh yeah, David Miller. You backed this bad boy
also. You will NEVER be a city council member,
with this limited view and obvious, other
party leanings.

Gave $914 dollars.

You say that you are progressive democrats,
but while willing to be sleeping with
the Regressive's money and while destroying
our voting powers of the people.

Seattle voters: Do not be fooled by this
power grab by DINOs and GOP. Do not give up
rights to be able to vote for 9 different
people. Who in the heck gives up more rights

VOTE NO on Charter Amendment 19!

Someone left a bunch of McGin fliers in my building and in front of my door. Was happy to put that in the recycle bin ASAP, just like McGone.
@10 (TheMisanthrope):
Support the regressive tax loving Mike McGinn, down with poor people!

Ed Murray voted to give Microsoft amnesty on a billion dollars in evaded software license royalty tax at the height of the state's budget crisis. Ed Murray voted for Washington's tax-paying little people to subsidize resident university tuition for Microsoft's and Amazon's foreign employees on temporary, non-immigrant work visas (and for their spouses and kids) at a time when we are 47th in the country in the number of high-schoolers going on to higher education and 49th in funding higher ed. In your eyes, does that make Murray a champion of the little guy? In my eyes, it makes him a corporate whore who doesn't care what impact his favors to big business have on the poor. He's never getting my vote again for anything.
Dale Estey raised four times as much money as Peters, from people including Microsoft CEO (and anti-income-tax dickwad) Steve Ballmer

And that same anti-tax dickwad worked a scheme with a little known frontman named Chris Hansen to have $200 million in future NBA/arena taxes be used to pay for his building. But Holden and Goldy support that.

What next, bond the future B&O taxes of microsoft and build them a new campus ?
Those Ballmer/Griffin/Hanauer people sure have a lot of $ to throw at candidates. Why don't they try donating directly to schools or offer scholarships so they can get tax breaks? Or just pay off my mortgage to show what great people they are?
Monsanto says "The overwhelming scientific consensus is that GMO crops are entirely safe to eat."

On 10/21/2013 released a statement signed by 90 scientists that "there is no consensus on GM food safety".

For a review of GMO toxicology, google search for a talk by Dr Thierry Vrain, a retired regulatory scientist.

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