Diane Invited to Eat Dick: Passenger on delayed flight gives a blow-by-blow account on Twitter of an angry passenger's selfish meltdown—complete with an exchange of strongly-worded notes, tiny bottles of vodka, and criminal assault.

Take This Job And... Michelle Obama has no interest in being president.

But Their Employees Look So Happy In Walmart's Commercials: Black Friday strikes and actions going down at Walmart locations across the country.

China Scrambles Jets In Growing Conflict With Japan and US Over Disputed Airspace: This is a bad thing, right?

Cunnilingus: It's a thing people do—straight people even. So why did the MPAA force producers to cut a man-going-down-on-woman scene from an upcoming film?

Armpit of the Day: The wig isn't bad either.

Another German Cannibal? Yes, another German cannibal.

Another Man With a Gun Shoots at Cops From the Window of Another Capitol Hill Apartment? Yes. And this story ends the same way the last one did.