It's every cell phone in America - not just overseas
Yes the best way to deal with an intrusive and overreaching government is to disarm the citizens.
The center cannot hold.

Raise fifty to remove one.
The internet always tells me I'm about 225 miles from my actual location, but I'm sure it's just trying to give me a false sense of security.

We'll see if that changes, by the way, when they finally finish a redundant fiber-optic connection from another direction, so the multitudes of jackasses with backhoes can't repeatedly knock out the whole town.

...or your ISP may be redirecting your modem to an alternate address temporarily.

They do that sometimes to monitor certain performance and connectivity issues...among other things.
Turning off your cell phone is tantamount to living in a cave? What absurd hyperbole.

@2, It's just so cute how you think you and your guns can hold off the might of the US military. It just makes me want to pinch your cheeks. When will you and your type realize that your personal armory, and the 2 hands you have to operate it, do not concern the US government one little bit? You paranoid little freaks never cease to amaze me.

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