I would be interested to know how the shoulder was evolving 1.8 million years ago. It may be we were trying to get more accurate in our rock throwing both for offense and defense.
THAT FOX! I love that fox.
Ha, I almost Slog-tipped the hand-on-foot thing but I knew you were doing the Morning News this week.
My vote is for informal polygamy advancing a conservative agenda. Historically, polygamy has been all about controlling women, and I somehow can't see a kinder, gentler, more egalitarian polygamy coming out of Utah.
@4 So what says a woman can't take multiple husbands?
@3, Is it that obvious I have a hands-on-foot fetish?

@2, All I want for Christmas is his vertical jump.
@5 In the early days of the LDS church that is how it worked. There weren't enough LDS wimmen to go around so Ol' Joe appropriated other mens' wimmen as his wives too.

It wasn't til later as the number of available wimmen equalled and surpassed men that it flipped the other way.
Well, I was just thinking a love of the weird, but now I know :)
(@8 is @6, in case you're wondering, Dr. A.)
How could informal polygamy advance liberal values? If you believed that, you might as well acknowledge that Santorum was right that we all want man on dog marriage. Mindlessly expanding marriage isn't a liberal value. Expanding it to groups for whom there are no logical arguments for why they should not be allowed to marry is a liberal value.
Marriage should be removed from government control altogether. Just make marriage a contract like any other. Any legal, consenting adults should be able to get married to each other (yes, including multiple people or family members or whoever) if they want. Let businesses decide if they want to give benefits to "spouses" or not as long as it's applied equally across the board (i.e., no giving benefits to certain spouses but not others... it's all or none).

why should poly not be able to marry the ones they love?
@5 A woman taking multiple husbands is not engaging in polygamy; she is engaging in polyandry.…
@10 Poly has their own set if issues to address, but civil rights for consenting adults is something I believe in. As long as the relationship established is one between equals.
The reason our society basically has to outlaw polygamy is because every time a group engages in it, it quickly turns into women being used as currency, and 13 year old girls being passed around to be raped by old men.

There is no moral reason why adults should not be allowed to marry who, and how many people they want, but humanity has proven over and over it can not be trusted to be both moral and polygamist.

However, part of this may be the chicken and egg issue of only closed sommuntieis engaging in it, because only closed communities can keep it secret. Closed communities are of course always more dangerous for people of the non-dominant class/gender.
*communities, not "Sommuntieis." My typo disgusts me, and greatly shames me.
You forgot one:
“Obama's Current Approval Rating Is The Ugliest Since Nixon”

“President Barack Obama is ending his fifth year in office with the lowest approval ratings at this point in the presidency since President Richard Nixon, according to a new Washington Post/ABC poll released Tuesday.

Obama's approval rating in the poll stands at 43%. By comparison, President George W. Bush had a 47% approval rating at the end of the fifth year of his presidency. And all other Post-World War II presidents had approval ratings above 50% — with the exception of Nixon, who, amid the Watergate scandal, had a dreadful 29% approval rating.”

Read more:…
@10 I would wager a large proportion, if not the majority, of people engaged in "Polyamory" are liberal-progressives. "Informal Polygamy" is just another way to say "Polyamory".
Angela Merkel was at customs and immigration in Norway recently and the conversation went something like this:


"Angela Merkel"




"No, just visiting for a couple of days".

Mark this day, people. I finally told a joke all the way through without fucking up the punchline.
Hahaha...first the vitamins, then the anti-bacterial soap.

Thank goodness the FDA is finally taking drug resistance seriously.
@22: Yep, they even decided to politely ask drug companies to stop selling anti-bacterial drugs as growth helpers for animals!
Some Pope news:…

He kicked out the guy who said Washington's old bishop was a problem, and replaced him with... Washington's old bishop.
Nice... :-)
yellowstone sitting on top of a shield volcano is a surprise to you?

did you ever wonder why the center of washington is covered in basalt? why the snake river plain describes an arc across idaho that ends at yellowstone?

apparently not.

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