The Supreme Court takes up a case involving an Illinois state-supported union for home-health-care aides, with possible serious consequences for public-employee unions in general:…
Its a little more than "Protesting Limits on Protesting". Overnight the Ukrainian gov't has instituted what politely one might call martial law, or naked fascism if you're incendiary like myself. Here is a graphic outlining some of these rules:
One gets 2 years for protesting, 2-3 for passing out pamphlets, 3 years for photographing/recording protests, 10-12 years if the protest is deemed a 'riot'.
RE: Two toilets in one stall.

Meh. In many of the U.S. Army barracks in Fort Benning, GA, the toilets are right behind the sinks, without stalls at all. So everyone shaving or brushing their teeth gets to see guys taking shits behind them, reflected in the mirror. Sucks, but you don't have much choice but get used to it fast.
@3 - The Olympics does not equal the U.S. Army. And for all their fear and hatred of homosexual propaganda, the Russians sure did just build booths for two men to pull down their pants together.
Oh, I wasn't trying to compare to Russia's homophobia problems... seeing the pic of the twin toilets just reminded me of my Army days is all.
Prissy Olympics fans may want to do their business in their hotel rooms, unless the morning wakeup calls involve Russian Army sergeants yelling "бросить свои краны и захватить ваши носки!"

(Sorry, that's Google Translate. Don't know if it's idiomatically correct or not.)
Why was Cascadian Bacon waving a gun around at a busstop? Did some five-year-old sneeze threateningly near him?
Be glad that you have all vote-by-mail.

Today here in Northern VA there is a special election that will determine who will control the State Senate (right now it's 20-20 with the tie breaker cast by the Democratic Lt Gov).

Unfortunately turnout will be pathetic, with it currently snowing with totals upwards of 7 inches today.
I'm almost starting to feel sorry for Christie. Almost.
The men's locker room at Hec Ed Pavilion Pool at UW has three toilets side by side, with only a shoulder-height (sitting down) partition separating them and no doors in front. A couple of years ago they added a (now torn) curtain strung on a wire in front. The pool was built in 1938 and I suppose in those days guys weren't as "modest" about their bodies and bodily functions as they are now.
For a parent with little-ones the toilets are genius.

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