The liberal/progressive (or whatever passes for liberalism/progressivism on the internet) backlash against Macklemore is nothing short of baffling. Freaking out over award snubs that everyone already agreed were stupid and meaningless? Losing our shit over the sample of a singer not getting enough credit?

Gotta give it to us - no other group of people is as capable or enthusiastic about the circular firing squad as we.
So they're killing sharks in Australia because the sharks are culling swimmers there?
"What will happen in Aberdeen on Kurt Cobain Day?"

Everyone will drop out of high school and go live under the bridge.
The decline in facial shaving means the razor makers will put more emphasis on manscaping the rest of you.…

(Just be aware of molluscum contagiosum.)
It bums me out that the sharks are being killed. What bums me out worse is how many young men are being culled in the Middle East.
That's very nice

but seriously, what the fuck is Madonna wearing?!
@ 4, they just need to get back to manufacturing double edged safety razors here in America. (They're all made in Asia and Europe now.) The prices for those insane multiblade cartridges are too damn high.
That book that has the word Jew a bunch of times is pretty cool. I'm going to write a book with the word Sioux written approx. 10 million times. It will be a prequel to the Jew book. It is relevant because Hitler basically copied the USs method of genocide.
still believes skateboarding is not a crime.
@1 I think it's amazing to see Macklemore on the Grammys and I'm so glad that Mary Lambert was there as well. Kudos to all of them and to the industry for recognizing one of the most effective protest songs of our generation.

I didn't watch the show and the clip seems to kill my internet this morning so I haven't seen it all the way through, but my impression is that Macklemore always does right by Mary Lambert, but the producers always want something more and unnecessary like... Madonna. She kissed that lady once.

FWIW, Mary Lambert isn't a sample, but an actual singer on the song. Though hip hop artists still trawl through record bins for riffs it is also common for all the music on a track to be original, even if the production effectively samples it to get a particular sound.
So, I have the entirety of the Grammy broadcast in my DVR; assuming I have a couple evenings to kill this week, and say a backlog of Psych reruns and an internet-load of porn to peruse, how much of the broadcast should I actually watch with my TV?
Did anyone else wince a bit when Madonna started to sing? After Mary Lambert's clear and soaring voice, Madonna sounded downright croaky. And not in a cool Tom Waits kind of way.
The wedding segment last night on the Grammys might have had a tastier impact if CBS and the director of last night's show hadn't decided to do quick cutaways whenever a gay couple were going in for the kiss. I mean, really? Female performers last night elevated just beyond pole dancing (because some could sing), and two men or two women kissing is unacceptable - beyond the pale?

What's the message? CBS endorses marriage equality, but we sure don't want to see gay people kissing. I found it irksome, and it kind of ruined what might have been a very touching moment.
@8: Instead of trying to upstage the book, and since that idea has already been taken, why don't you be creative and come up with other art to cast light on the Sioux and other tribes instead bashing this art and its reverence?
I am kind of upset about the book with Jew written 6 million times. It was awful, horrible, and never should have happened, but why are we ignoring the fact that gays, gypsies, and other "undesirables" were slaughtered as well?

Especially given the problems Israel currently has with racism and homophobia, it seems an especially jarring exclusion.
@12 - And leaning on a cane didn't help make her look young and vibrant, either. I actually started to wonder whether Madonna had some kind of health concerns she's not telling us about. Not that she is required to tell us about her health.
@17 I thought the same thing. She looks and sounds sick.
@14 Fear/avoiding gay kissing... yeah, it's irksome.

On the other hand, one could think they didn't want to show ANY kissing... regardless of sexuality... cause, maybe it's a little bit too intimate for their broadcast. (e.g. Network fear of 'sex'-related activity). Afterall, these are the Grammy Awards... not MTV's foreplay, frat-party video award show.

...but, eh, who am I kidding? - it's almost-certainly the 'gay kisses are icky-icky-icky' thing. Or, the producers have watched so much girl-on-girl porn, they can't see a gay kiss for anything other than a wanky-wanky warmup.
I have no love for Mike Huckabee and what he said was stupid and offensive, but you guys are twisting his quote and making it sound much worse than it was. Let's not stoop to their level, please. If we want to win we have to be better than them.
Fuck, Hollywood is so goddamn cheesy. Can't believe people ate that shit up.

And Madonna's so pumped up with collagen, she can barely stand. As for your Macklemore, Seattle, the Onion nails it again:…

How the fuck is that dork famous? Can someone please drop him in a rough neighborhood in NYC or something and see what happens? I would like to watch.
@16: Yeah, it ought to be volume 1 of 2 or 3.
@15 Like I said, I feel that the book that says nothing but Jew 6 million times is pretty cool. I would not want to upstage it.

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