News Feb 19, 2014 at 4:00 am

The University Never Found Marijuana


Hey good job covering nonsense dorm room drama instead of the medical cannabis extinction level event unfolding in Olympia.

UW Bothell spokeswoman Lisa Hall refused to comment on the event, citing "Institutional embarassment concerns." When asked what would happen if staff accused a student of smelling like pot, she refused to comment on "situations where we screwed the pooch."

Ben fully supported I-502 and Alison Holcomb from
the ACLU, the author of I-502. He would not be
too welcomed down in Olympia with other folks.
@3 You speak of my fellow pot activists lobbying in Olympia as if they are a united front, when that's not the case. See this:…

Such naive assumptions and vitriol are part of our legislative problem, not our legislative solution. Keep focus on assigning blame for your future woes, and you will manifest those same troubles.
Busted for just smelling like something - is the UW really supposed to be an example of an institution of learning when they act so ignorantly and (i suspect)illegally. This sounds like a violation of this persons rights. Threatened with arrest for smelling like something, really? I wonder what their law school would make of this incident?
The sound system is so good you can actually smell it.
I hope he SUES them to HIGH hell! Pun intended!
Same thing happened to me too! I was out of coffee this morning, so I slammed a 40 with my bacon and eggs. When I walked into my work where I'm a paid employee, they fired me for smelling like alcohol!
Heck, at least half the Metro busses smell like weed! What's the U W doing about that?
Take a walk down Frat row and you'll get a few whiffs of Weed. Doubt the UW will do anything about that though cause them frat boys' Daddies pay for a lot of shit on the UW.
Would they arrest him for smelling like an animal since bestiality is illegal?
Interesting. Are campus security personnel trained on drug identification/detection?

One would assume a permissive search would be requested but all it says here is that nothing was found. They should have just called the cops rather than threatening to do so. I mean, what's the basis for disciplinary action here really? Just a smell of weed? That's hardly conclusive.

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