Respect to these brave people.
I don't see how you can create the kind of well regulated, yet equitable society that nearly everyone on this blog espouses, when you also allow people to immigrate from high birthrate countries.

If we just keep adding people quality of life and resources go downhill. No matter how many green contraptions, and science breakthroughs you present, we have to face facts, people are the principal drivers of pollution.

Now, I like people. And you like people. But if you have a ZPG or even NGP country, that is trying to build high wages, education, social systems, while a low wage, high birthrate country keeps overloading it with no cost to itself (and here I mean their government, their businesses, their billionaires), then how can you make it all work?

And it's not fair to kids to bring them into a world and to keep telling half of them, sorry, but...

It's hard world to get a break in
All the good things have been taken…

"I’m tired of living in fear and wondering if I’ll see the rest of my family at the end of each day."

I am reminded of that scene in Liar Liar where Carrey picks up the phone and yells "STOP BREAKING THE LAW, ASSHOLE"
these people are caged for a long time and then deported to desperately poor countries with high murder rates, corrupt institutions, rampant kidnapping, lower life expectancy. you can't drink from the tap. the US is the most wealthy country in the world

4's suggested method of sticking it to Carlos Slim is deporting millions of people, condemning thousands to murder and enslavement by human traffickers, preventing millions more from traveling to a place where they could be more productive and less desperately poor

the global south will suffer worse than we do for our c02 emissions. people have lower birth rates when they're not as poor. migrating to a higher wage jurisdiction, coupling with wealthier people (everyone here is wealthier than everyone there, mostly) or receiving remittances from migrants makes them less poor. development is fucking hard. only dictators can pull it off as in Singapore, China, Chile and S.Korea. to arrive at a stable dictatorial situation you need state terror, mass murder etc. that sucks. poor people cut down forests so that cows can eat grass and shit shit. migration is better

migration is the foremost response to eco-degradation and poverty, and it is the people's response. f you, 4

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