A MALAYSIA AIRLINES BOEING 777 Vanished in mid-air between Malaysia and Vietnam over the weekend.

A Little More than 48 Hours Ago, a Boeing 777 Vanished: The plane had 239 people on board, including two American toddlers. It was traveling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing when it disappeared. There's been a bunch of speculation over the last two days that an oil slick in the ocean (see it here) might be linked to the disappeared airplane, but this morning comes word that the oil samples have been tested in a lab and the results "showed they were not from the Malaysia Airlines jet but were a type of fuel used by ships." Likewise, there were reports of "a yellow object that looked like a life raft," but turned out to be "moss-covered trash floating in the ocean." There was "another report claiming that the tail of the plane was found, but they were only logs tied together." Two of the male passengers on the plane were traveling with stolen passports: "There has been no indication that the two men had anything to do with the tragedy, but the use of stolen passports fueled speculation of foul play, terrorism or a hijacking gone wrong." Another clue: The airplane may have turned around just before disappearing from radar screens. So what happened? "Experts say possible causes of the apparent crash include an explosion, catastrophic engine failure, terrorist attack, extreme turbulence, pilot error or even suicide."

Keep Following This Story: The Guardian is a great resource—all their coverage is in one place, aggregated and time-stamped. Also recommended: News Straits Times's ongoing coverage.

In Unrelated Horrors, People Are Also Disappearing in Ukraine: Beneath the "hope lies the grim concern that many Ukrainians may have disappeared after being seized by the Berkut riot police unit, by pro-Russian provocateurs or by unofficial forces that worked to keep Mr. Yanukovych in power."

A Woman Was Stabbed and Sexually Assaulted in North Bend Last Night: When police arrived, they "found a woman had been stabbed once in the chest, duct-taped at her feet and wrists and sexually assaulted." Jesus.

750 Jailed Immigrants at a Tacoma Detention Center Went on Hunger Strike This Weekend: "They were pretty adamant that their demands are improved working conditions and that this is a statement against the deportations every week," their lawyer says, asserting, "Those who are more actively involved are getting their blankets, pillows, and clothes taken away."

Racist Taunting from Local High School Students: As Danielle Henderson wrote about on Friday, Issaquah High School students taunted Garfield High School students with racist messages on social media, according to a police report. Two days later, Danielle shared some of her own experiences with racial taunting in Seattle, and added five ideas off the top of her head about how to make Seattle better for people of color.

South African Murder Trial Continues: "Oscar Pistorius vomited in the dock and retched repeatedly and loudly at his murder trial Monday as he heard graphic details of the injuries sustained by the girlfriend he shot."

Reaching Through to an Autistic Son By Communicating with Him as Various Disney Characters: This essay from yesterday's New York Times Magazine is fascinating.

Drug Kingpin Thought to Be Dead Two Years Ago Was Actually Not Killed Until Yesterday: Oops. His nickname was the Craziest One, he had an "affinity for Christian-style verse," and "he often justified grisly violence, including beheadings, as acts of affirmation to his cultish code."

The "True Detective" Finale: Crashed HBO's streaming service.

Zelda Fitzgerald Died 66 Years Ago Today: She outlived her husband, F. Scott Fitzgerald, by eight years. She died when the mental institution she was living in caught fire in the middle of the night. She was one of nine victims, "identified only by her slipper."

Wow, What a Horribly Depressing Morning News: Sorry. It's just a horrible-news day. But here's a commercial that might to cheer you up.