KOMO helicopter rotated full circle before crash: That's all the public's been told so far from the National Transportation Safety Board's ongoing investigation. Seems something went seriously wrong in the takeoff.

Racist Traffic Signals: Public health researchers from UW say pedestrians in Rainier Valley are forced to cross streets faster (requiring them to walk 3.7 feet per second before the light changes to "Don't Walk") than in lily white Ballard (2.4 feet per second).

Racist Preschools: Black students get suspended at far higher rates than whites (this is true in Seattle specifically as well) and it starts really early, according to new federal data. "Every data point represents a life impacted and a future potentially diverted or derailed," says Attorney General Eric Holder.

Hawaiian Police Fight For Their Right: To have sex with prostitutes during investigations.

Masters of the Internet Meet With Obama: I hope no one's laboring under the illusion that any of these people give a shit about our privacy.

Microsoft Certainly Doesn't: The company hardly bats an eye (it's tweaking its privacy policy! so there!) after revelations that it combed through a blogger's Hotmail account to uncover a leak of proprietary data. Which makes this Microsoft campaign against Google's privacy record looks awfully imbecilic. A prominent tech journalist thinks Google recently did the same thing to him.

Remember The Veteran Whose Brain Police Damaged During Occupy? He's reached a $4.5 million settlement with the city of Oakland. But "I didn't win part of my brain back," Scott Olsen, who served two tours in Iraq, points out.

Ayiti m oblije kite w! Nap we!