JFC...blatantly unconstitutional.
What is the justification for detaining people at such length? Doesn't this violate the Sixth Amendment?
to some extent this article just jeopardized the anonymity of the lawyer by saying what sex they are... now all the prison has to do is refuse all people of said sex to be allowed in... no?
Is there any case where a person who has proper immigration papers has been detained here?

Otherwise I suspect the Democrats, as always, are cramming this prison full of people to make a point...a point which does not have to be made.

@3, the attorney's gender is clear from the audio.

Someone please arrest Ken so that my lack of sympathy will not be misplaced.

People who confuse law and justice have no understanding of either.
Whether he's a sympathetic figure or not, if one serves honorably in the US military, one should be granted citizenship. It's not the law, but should be.
Firstly, he is claiming he served in the military. Has this been confirmed? Has his conduct in the military and manner of his discharge been examined? He may have very well be terminated from the military due to bad behavior (and yes, still get an "honorable" discharge). Even if his military claims are true, we don't know what he did for a job in the military. I was in the Army, I was never in a battle situation nor was I ever likely to be in my MOS (job). For all we know, he might have done nothing but paperwork (or even less) in Ft Lewis the whole time. What we do know, is that he is a criminal

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