Ivan Lopez, 34, Military Truck Driver, Served in Iraq, Diagnosed with Assessed for PTSD, Lived with His Wife: Not a lot more is known about the man who opened fire at Fort Hood military base in Texas yesterday, but the investigation begins.

The U.S. Secretly Created a "Cuban Twitter" to Try to Undermine the Government: It was organized not by the C.I.A., but by the wing of the American government that hands out humanitarian aid. Ten thousand people signed up, but check the latest Tweets to see if the Cuban government is still standing.

The 7.6 Quake in Chile One Day After the 8.2 Quake: Thought to be an aftershock. Nearly a million people were evacuated in a tsunami warning. My goodness.

Yes, We Live in an Earthquake Zone: But Chilean earthquakes do not increase Seattle's chances of one. We still have strong chances of having one, butand we are not in the "ring of fire." What figure of speech are we in?

How the Hazel Slope Fell: Brendan Kiley talked to geologists about what happened in Oso, and it turns out that a "groundwater recharge zone" isn't the good thing it sounds like.

"If another reporter asks to take a picture of me, I'm going to tell him to first pay for these bags under my eyes.": Charles Mudede, meanwhile, measures the rainy, confused, shocked environment of Oso after the slide.

Desire: That's the name of the first strip club in our state's capital city, and it's got critics.

More Explosive Anger: In the Israeli/Palestinian/American talks.

Whether It's Newspapers, Web Sites, TV News, or Wire Services: Women are underrepresented 2 to 1 in the media. You would like a chart?

On the Fight Over Low-Income Housing in Ballard: Even developer Goodman Real Estate concedes that there should be stricter laws to protect tenants, Ansel Herz reports. Goodman hasn't been perfect, but "The reality is Seattle is a harsh place if you're a low income tenant and the Lockhaven tenants are lucky they haven't already been run out of their apartments by a more rapacious developer."

They Cut Through a Wall: To steal thousands of dollars of shoes in the U District.

"Massive" Collection of 91-Year-Old's Artifacts Being Investigated by the FBI: Confusing.

Dinosaur Chase!: Prehistoric action reconstructed. What famous movie chase scene would you like to see reenacted by dinosaurs, hm?

Help the Bees!: Help the bees!

Is anything better than the old stair trick?