We could have done something.

We could have built more Seattle.

We could have built more Seattles.
Wrong. The Cascadia subduction zone is in the ring of fire and megathrust earthquakes do occur on it. Ever wonder where all the volcanoes from BC to northern California came from? Yeah, that's the Ring of Fire.
The movie chase scene I would like to see reenacted by dinosaurs is the Bullitt car chase in San Francisco.

Duh. Like there's another option.
Charles Mudede was confounded and confused by rain. He lives in Seattle. He's a hack.
According to the article you linked, he had not been diagnosed with PTSD: "They’re also looking at the treatment the man received while he was being evaluated for post-traumatic stress disorder, though no formal diagnosis had been made."
Bailo, did you do a whole lot of psychedelics when you were young?
The movie chase scene I would like to see reenacted by dinosaurs: The entire Duel movie.
Dinosaur-reenacted movie chase scene: Just about anything in a Jackie Chan movie.
delirian is right; we're on the Ring of Fire.
Not to defend Bailo, but... Uh... Stereotype much?
USPS is going to issue a Harvey Milk stamp! (Hopefully, this is what Seattleblues will be getting with his mail from now on.)…
What was in my coffee this morning? Thanks for the corrections.
Nothing increases the chances of an earthquake. We can't accurately predict the chances of an earthquake (read Nate Silver's book), and anyone who represents anything else is trying to sell you something.
@13: We can confidently say that an earthquake will occur in a given location. What we can't tell you is anything related to WHEN it will happen.

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