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Happy Zombie Jesus Day, Slog Fans.
Easter eggs are Lucifer's testicles.
Yes, Mr Herz, a lot of cherry picked stuff that makes you angry or happy happened.

And it's Easter, as well.

A journalist might have noticed that.
Haha biggest fucking holiday of his religion and that asshole's here whining about what bloggers do and don't write about.

Way to walk the path, brohim.
NOBODY should ever die from cholera in a hospital. All it takes to save them from the disease is water and electrolytes; if they don't die from dehydration, their bodies will fight off the bacterium in time. Same with other diseases, like rotavirus and norovirus, that cause severe diarrhea.

@3: It's Passover as well, but you don't see me whining about SLOG not talking about it. Shouldn't you be in church instead of looking for things to complain about?
Read the Murray interview. The cease and desist letter will be issued if the negotiations come to naught by May 30. The TNCs will have a ballot if the negotiations fail. So all parties have incentive to make the negotiation work.
In the vast, nearly endless corpus of "stupid things said by seattleblues", #3 is a strong contender for the stupidest. It's an Easter miracle! I mean, if not for Real Journalists™, we might never notice that it's a major holiday of a religion practiced by upwards of 80% of this country's population!

Meanwhile, everyone, that techcrunch article on SF's housing crisis is the real deal. God only knows how it got published under the TC banner, but seriously: go read it. Admittedly it doesn't remind anyone that today is Easter, but it is nonetheless an act of real journalism. Brew yourself a strong cup of coffee, sit down, and read the whole thing. Then ask yourself, "how can I make sure that my city/state doesn't end up in such a godawful mess?"

I know, right?

A while back I asked him what the hell he was doing posting on a Sunday morning instead of worshiping in church, and he claimed to be traveling.

He didn't claim to be in a different time zone in which he had attended earlier in the day, so apparently churches are a phenomenon unique to Seattle.
@5.. you do know that child complains in church as well ?
@7: You think 80% of people in the United States practice Christianity? I doubt it.

Surrounded with supposed Christians, I considered myself Christian by default most of my childhood and early adulthood, but I only practiced the parts that any decent person practices (e.g., golden rule, do no harm, help others, etc.), not the parts about worshipping sky people, rib-women, talking snakes, and a political activist assassinated by the state then rising from the dead. My family attended church services a few times yearly. This passive belief lasted until I was old enough to recognize that I thought those myths were unlikely to have any base in reality and accepted that I, like everyone who has not yet been taught otherwise, am atheist.
@6, not quite. See, the deregulated squatters can be denied license to operate by not complying with existing "for hire" laws. The legislation they just had suspended actually allowed them to operate legally.

The city has always had this leverage. It is unfortunate that the ĂĽber squatters have not been able to provide the city with information it needs to make an informed decision on allowing them to operate as a business.

The secondary problem here is that the city council really doesn't like being told what to do and how to do it. Repealing the law and thumbing their noses at their requests for information after the council worked on this issue for as long as they have, and did create a way for them to operate legally, is going to be a problem of their own making.

I'm still really fond of "I had to clean the soot off my Capitol Hill house yearly! Because cities are dirty!"

I just now heard David Gregory of Meet the Press ask his roundtable if the fact that Hillary Clinton will soon be a grandmother if that would become a factor of her running in 2016. A young woman on the panel responded correctly that Hillary is very capable of adding the Grandmother role.
I'm sure that Mr. Gregory was totally oblivious to how sexist that sounds - as if it would never have been asked to any soon-to-be-grandfathers whom have run for the presidency.
Seattleblahs, if you would just settle down and get a wife and children you wouldn't need to be on Slog on Easter Sunday. You'd be at church, followed by a jolly Easter Egg hunt, topping it all off with a lovely dinner with the family.

Please, Seattleblahs, before it's too late, find a nice girl and settle down. Bring me some babies to bounce on my lap and feed candy to. I know you're not exactly a "catch", being unemployed and unpleasant and all, but maybe one of those Russian brides? All of us sloggers would be happy to take up a collection for you to get one.
Today is the day to remember the great philosopher and teacher Hypatia of Alexandria who was flayed by the Christian mob.
I rode a bike in Boston last week. Seattle is a much better bike town.
That Hoopty looks like a really good service.
@16 Bwahahahaha Thank you so much. Really needed to laugh today, what with earthquakes, sinking ferries & people worshipping the Money God killing the planet and all.
george takei's birfday, people.
Oh, my!
BTW, Goldy's Bible Studies quote today actually is good advice. I must have missed it while I was brainwashed er taught by Jesuit, what with it being drowned under plagues and boils and stoning and foreskin taking. Unfortunately the Repubs clearly also missed it. I miss Goldy :-(. Bad move Stranger.
There's no way in hell Murray will issue a cease and desist letter. The show cause order quashing it would be sent to his office by 5 pm that day. It wouldn't just be political suicide, it would be dumb to even try.
@3 "a lot of cherry picked stuff" ...are you complaining about what a news roundup IS, by definition?
@5, I'm whining about Slog not mentioning Passover. Even though we constitute only a miniscule number of the world's residents, we got most of the Nobel laureates. That's worth something, isn't it. But what the hell, all of us have done our seders way before we killed Jesus this year, so never mind.

Kanye West says Happy Yeester!

Rideshare companies seem to be organized crime at this point. Bring them to their knees.
@29, Murray is acting like Boss Hogg at this point. I wonder if Uber and Lyft could provide us our next mayor.
I think it's telling that the TNCs filed the specific referendum petition that they did. They could have written it so that it only eliminated the caps, but they did not. They wrote it so that it overturns the entire thing so that they have no regulation at all. I can't help but think that their intention was therefore to avoid being regulated at all.

As a driver, I would like to see them stick around (I want to see if I make better money with a TNC for one thing, and even if I don't it would make a great backup for me in case the cab I drive breaks down or is otherwise unavailable for some reason), but I think they need to be brought into the regulatory structure both to ensure public safety (inspections, proper background checks, training, insurance) and to make the companies accountable to the city for how they treat their drivers.
In other news, injured bicyclist who collided with SUV was intoxicated - maybe on Jaegermeister. I guess the "cyclists are always right" bum boys at the Stranger are carefully avoiding this now.
@32 When I asked my council people how they could vote for caps, they explained that they didn't want to, but had to vote yes in order to get insurance and safety regs. Assuming my council people are not full of it, there must be something in the city bylaws forbidding line-item action. The TNCs might not have had the ability to protest *just* the caps. I don't know why the council can't vote on caps and safety separately… but they should, and put their own votes on record in an honest way.
@12: no true Scotsman and all that. If someone describes themselves as a Christian, I tend to take them at their word.
@24, THAT'S what was missing from the seder plate! Will add a foreskin next year.

Nope. The natural condition of man is intuition of our divine creator.

In every culture there is an attempt to figure out what this divinity might be. Atheism is a tiny minority of depressed pessimists saddened and frustrated by the failures of religion, but unable to see its successes.

Atheism is the failure of imagination. It is the replacement of the wonderful, the extraordinary, with banal science or crass materialism or bestial sensuality.

Atheism isn't the perfection of human thought. It is the denial of that which made such thought possible. You aren't the vangaurd, you're the guy in the baggage train muttering about the dust from those ahead.
@Kid Herz "journalist"

You children seem to have missed the point. As always. I mean liberal 'thought' is by definition the temper tantrum of toddlers, but really...

Kid Herz, in summary of the days news, managed to miss the biggest thing about the day. Were he capable of honest work I'd suggest he seek it. As it is, I guess he'll just continue to be a burden on those of us who actually pay taxes.
I seriously question that bike study, having visited and lived in cities with extensive bike trails separated from car traffic (like Sacramento, for instance). I haven't read the study itself (it wasn't linked in the article and I didn't bother with the google) but something sounds seriously off about that.
Seattleblahs, "those of us who pay taxes" are happy to bear the burden of you, so why not Ansel? (who, it should be pointed out, actually has a job, so he is probably not the burden you describe) I'm afraid your entitlement mentality is making you selfish. It's probably from all the time you spend alone.

But even if we were to buy into your extremely dubious assertion, what exactly is "news" about Easter? The Pope does a speech, countless churches have pageants that have varying levels of obnoxiousness, and the collection baskets overflow with cash from the twice-a-year types. That's hardly the stuff of headlines.
@37: You say "Atheism is the failure of imagination", but you also insist that the world MUST have been divinely designed by nature of its sheer complexity, convincingly demonstrating that you are deeply lacking in imagination. Splinters and planks...
@38: Easter Sunday isn't a big deal EXCEPT TO CHRISTIANS. Unless The Stranger is a Christian-affiliated publication, there is no need for it to talk about Easter. "the biggest thing about the day"? Only to you, idolater.
"Divine creator." Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...
@37: hahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahaha *gasp* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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