GOOD MORNING, IT'S TIME TO VOOOOOOOOOOOOTE!!! Today's Election Day! Woohoo, democracy! Wait, you say. It's April. What the fuck? Well, King County residents, it's a special election for you, and this one's about saving Metro bus service. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, click that link. Or, shorter: Do you ever ride the bus? Do you ever drive on roads or ride in things that drive on roads? Do you know or care about anyone who does? Then by golly, this is the election for you! Grab that ballot! VOTE YES ON PROP 1! Do it now! Do it loud! Do it proud! Mail it in, drop it off, or—forget/lose/dog ate your ballot? Print one! I'm not even joking. (Follow their instructions carefully, y'all.) Any other questions? Call 206-296-VOTE. Then make yourself an "I Voted" sticker out of office supplies and pat yourself on the back. Civic duty? Completed.

SCOTUS News: This morning, the supreme court upheld a voter-approved amendment to the Michigan constitution banning racial preferences in public university admissions. Justice Sotomayor gave an "impassioned dissent," says the New York Times.

Climbing on Everest May Be Able to Resume This Season: After a landslide killed at least 13 Sherpa guides on the mountain, the Nepalese government seems to have met the demands of Sherpas who threatened to call off the climbing season. But nothing is certain. "There's no other service industry in the world that so frequently kills and maims its workers for the benefit of paying clients," says writer Grayson Schaffer, quoted on NPR.

President Obama Heads to Oso Today: He'll touch down in Everett around 12:30 p.m. It's been a month since the mudslide; the confirmed death toll reached 41 people yesterday.

Happy Earth Day: New biofuels made from leftover corn plants are even worse for global warming than gasoline, a study says.

  • City of Seattle
Enough Carrots, Ed Murray's Got a Stick: The mayor says if the rideshare companies who blocked recent city legislation can't strike a new deal with the city, he's ready to start issuing cease-and-desist orders. (Somebody please tell Goldy.) My favorite recent quote from a source at city hall: calling rideshare regulation "zombie legislation," because, y'know, it just won't die.

If You Need Any Advice, You Guys, Just Call! Only 11 days after the US Department of Justice reprimanded the Albuquerque Police Department for engaging in a "pattern or practice of unconstitutional use of deadly force," another APD officer fatally shoots a suspect. Albuquerque police have killed 24 people since 2010, says the New York Times, and the department has paid out millions of dollars in settlements. Meanwhile, here in Seattle, police reform is going, uh, just fine, ha-ha—hey, look over here! Nothing to see at that link, no sirree!

A Terrible Funeral Home Mix-Up in Kelso: "The mistake wasn't discovered until Oct. 21, more than a week after their deaths, when Moon's family opened the casket to say their final goodbyes and realized Moon was not the person in the casket." WHOOPS.

Our Baseball Team Pulls Ahead: The Mariners just lost again, giving them the longest losing streak in the major league, seven straight games.

You Know What Really Needs to Happen? More pharmaceutical company mergers, that's what I say.

Yesterday, They Were Blaming That South Korean Ferry's Sinking on a Quick Turn: Well, now they're not.

How'd That Kid Survive a Five-Hour Flight in the Wheel Well of a 767? They say it's kind of like hibernation.

This Week, Science Says: You may be happier in the long term, and less likely to be depressed, if you derive happiness from helping others as opposed to—well, as the Atlantic describes it, "that keg-standing, Netflix binge-watching, Nutella-from-the-jar selfish kind of pleasure" called hedonia. I guess sign me up for some short-term happiness, because hey, I love volunteering as much as the next gal, but that is just a real concise list of my favorite things right there.