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What to Expect When You're Expecting Big Legislative Drama


Sawant can become the most powerful person in City Hall by virtue of her Moral superiority! ;D
@1 is correct, but Bagshaw usually finds more workable compromises
Seattle nor the City Council will be duped by Occupy/15 now.

An arbitrary 60% increase in the min wage is as silly as occupy's last ridiculous concept, shutting down wall street. The vast majority in Seattle do not support this. Put the absolute $15 min wage to a vote as comrade Sawant proposed (before backing down) with no exemptions. It will not pass. Not a chance. Then we can stop wasting our time on this.
Screw $15. Lets try $20 and really test socialism out.
We don't like poor people.
Why stop at $20, by 15 Now/Occupy's logic why not $50 an hour?

There is literally no math behind this, it's completely arbitrary.
I hope this passes so I can see what 15 Now does when poverty fails to vanish from Seattle. In fact, when it fails to "lift people from poverty" as advertised, the city should sue 15 Now for breach of contract, negligence, or whatever charge will stick.
Sally Clark is the only one that really is listening and has used the information that she has learned to then adjust her beliefs accordingly.

Everyone else seems to be just feckless politicians, but good for her for being an honest person and putting facts past ideology.
@5 We dont like lazy people who seem to lack good sense and judgement.

sorry - had to correct it for you - common sense you know.
Kshama Sawant for mayoress!!! :D ---
@3:bullshit:you dumbies keep supporting the rich,generation after generation,so why not support a livable wage?Ha!And you claim to respect hard work?Pfft!I'm calling all you phony motherfuckers out!!!

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