And I hope you realize who reads your paper, not just who funds it.
#1 is right Tim. There is large share of delusional inconsequential shut-in's (apparently with a great deal of free time) who read your paper. Don't forget about them.
What is the wage and benefit structure at The Stranger?
I think that unpaid internships should be banned in Seattle; it is a form of slavery. Well, except you don't get to beat the employee to death.
Hey, Tim, can you print some retractions for some of the falsehoods you've published about the minimum wage? How about the one where Andrew Friedman told us he was giving us the actual payroll numbers from Liberty bar, and then an hour later admits he was using made-up data to bolster his case?

It's this lying and cherry-picking about what's in your books that makes us keep asking these "job creators" to open their books.

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