What a stupid unnecessary picture. But call me when Bingo is about to start.
Can we stop with the use of "caucasian" to mean white people? From Wikipedia:

"Meiners proposed a taxonomy of human beings which involved only two races (Rassen): Caucasians and Mongolians. He considered Caucasians to be more physically attractive than Mongolians, notably because they had paler skin; Caucasians were also more sensitive and more morally virtuous than Mongolians. Later he would make similar distinctions within the Caucasian group, concluding that the Germans were the most attractive and virtuous people on earth. The name "Caucasian" derived from the Southern Caucasus region (or what is now the countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia), because he considered the people of this region to be the archetype for the grouping."…
I remember reading McIntosh's work for my feminist lit and theory course in grad school, and thinking it was very well done. It made me think about things I had never really thought about, especially how minorities have to be constant "ambassadors" for their race, something white people never have to worry about.

@1: You do realize you are possibly the must stupidly unnecessary commenter here right? So maybe you should put down those rocks, living in a glass house and all.
Please excuse my stupidity Ted, I wasn't part of the a privileged minority who go grad school. Feminist Lit and Theory you say? Well now I understand your helpfulness to society by being avid blogger, because that's all you can do, dipshit.
@3: When I picture dnt trust me, I picture a flaming paper bag of dog shit sitting at a key board, hoping, and waiting for some one to take the bait and try to stomp out the fire.
Resist! And save your internet shoes.
Ted's a big boy. A few months ago he displayed his vast knowledge of NFL football. That's a sport where big tough guys smash into one another.
The picture above is actually a teaser for the gritty reboot of The Brady Bunch, titled "They Became" (2016)
Even with White Privilege, better off doesn't always mean well off as we found out the last 30 years. Like asking for equal pay for equal work, when the work is shoveling pig dung in a sty outside of Ulang Bator, you may still end up in the street, with all your privileges intact.
Read "What does it mean to be white?" by Robin DiAngelo.
We think this is all stooopid.
I'm still waiting for everybody to get a DNA test in America: about a third of you who self-classify as being racially "White" will reveal at least one non-"White" ancestor on the results. The One-Drop Rule cuts both ways. "Whites" have been a minority in this country for years. It needs to be officially noted. This would profoundly change not only the U.S.A. , but Our Planet . --- ,
@8 Fact remains that the average "White" American is better off than the average non-"White". In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if some economist or seven has already evaluated the cost of "White" Privilege over the centuries. ---- , ,&

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