Two more Democrats tell Secretary Shinseki to resign? They should be demanding Republican senators resign instead. They're the one's that voted down funding and expansion of medicaid. Republicans are the people responsible for this sad affair. And the goddam Democrats should be screaming about it!
"Ukraine", not "the Ukraine".
Nothing like this ever happened before Shinseki took office, right?

I wish hawks like McCain would own up to their role in all this.
@3 Good luck with that. That's why Democrats need to go on the offensive and stop wringing their hands.
@2: whoops and fixed, DOUG., thanks!
Somebody called the min wage ordinance a "charade".…
Can we sue the Seattle Police for not doing their jobs?…
"Demand-weighted units"? Screw Amazon. Considering that it started as a way to buy books online -- an on-line BOOK STORE -- Bezos is getting way ahead of himself. He did just fine selling books. He's rich enough now that he doesn't need to try to corner the market in every damn product there is to sell. He seems to be single-handedly trying to bring back the era of the Robber Baron, with ethics to match. He might never kick a stray dog, but he'll put a knife into the back of any corporation that tries to work around him. Between Bezos and the Waltons, this country is doomed.
Why should a company focus on diversity? Just hire the best people for the job. The diversity takes care of itself. We all can be relieved that there is no "affirmative action" in private industry. The work someone does is reflective of their capabilities, not the color of their skin.
Two More Democratic Senators Tell Veterans Affairs Secretary to Resign: ...

Yes, this started long before the Obama administration, but yes, Obama vowed to clean up this situation.

More importantly, the IG, after ONLY several days investigation, has discovered systemic national problems which have been referred to the DOJ for criminality purposes --- so where the bloody hell was the Inspector General's office and Gen. Shinseki these past six years, and why the bloody hell were so many senior VA execs receiving effing bonuses???????????????????

Somehing more than criminal is going on here, and speaking of criminality, it is obvious investigators should be taking a long hard look at the IG.


The gathering of the professional military comptrollers is taking place at the Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle over the next few days and it is an event to behold!

Such professionals --- such individuals --- and so many missing trillions of dollars of DoD funds --- what oh what became of them?

Then there's all that loose change --- $19 billion plus missing in Afghanistan --- $8.7 billion of missing Iraqi oil funds during the Iraqi war (although one suspects Timothy Geithner, Daniel Zelikow and Reuben Jeffery III might know something about that)?

Of course, there's that unaccounted for $2.3 trillion in DoD funds --- reported on 9/10/01 by the Pentagon's comptroller at a press conference --- which would be quickly forgotten with the deaths of the auditing team which uncovered it, the very next morning when Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon!

And trillions more would be reported missing --- or unacounted for --- over the next few years?

A trillion here, a trillion there --- then suddenly all these super-rich clowns are hiring astroturf/PR firms to advertise themselves as job creators?

I wonder if those military comptrollers at the Washington State Convention Center gathering would be the guys to inquire about all those missing trillions?

Those professional military comptrollers are meeting in Seattle, staying at nice local hotels, eating nice local meals --- while John Kiriakou resides in jail, Thomas Drake has had his career and life destroyed, Julian Assange remains trapped in an embassy in London, and Edward Snowden remains in exile in Russia.

Meanwhile, the American public is treated to John Kerry, our multi-billionaire secretary of state, channeling Dick Cheney?

No mention of JZ Knight's latest???
@9 Companies should "focus on diversity" because structural racism and sexism exist, which means that some groups of people (white, cis, middle- and upper-class men) have privileged access to the education, training, experience, and networks ... which makes those folks "the best people for the job." It's not a true meritocracy because the deck is so stacked in favor of some people over others. If people of color, women, and other underprivileged groups had equal access to those resources, then the private industry workplace would reflect the true (gender, racial, class, ability) diversity of the people living in this country.
But Obama ran on fixing the mess (6 fucking years ago). And he has made his belief in the Government’s ability to IMPROVE medical care the corner stone of his administration. Did he lie when he ran (and said he would fix the VA) or is he just incompetent? If it’s the later, what does that say about the prospects of Obamacare? If it’s the former what does that say about him?
After six years of Gen. Shinseki at the VA, perhaps the general's skills and experience could be put to better use somewhere else, for instance, searching for that missing Malaysian Airlines MH370 aircraft:…

And another shocking story below on why not to trust stuff on the Internet (unless it's a porn site, of course):…

It's cute that you think Amazon was ever interested in the business of selling books.

Amazon started off selling books as a way to collect consumer data and to use that data to sell even more shit to its customers. Bezos has never given a shit about books beyond using them as a means to an end.
@14: Racism and sexism exist, but to tie it structurally in the sense you are does not reflect the reality. For example the percentage of engineers from the third world at Microsoft is huge, the number of female executives in some areas exceeds that of males. Google, is still quite young compared to Microsoft and their natural diversity progression is only a matter of time.
If Benedict Cumberbatch were attacked The Stranger would be all over it with more posts than they had for sasquatch.
The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced the Republicans have purposely sabotaged veterans care so the can raid the government by turning over care to their super rich friends who will cut everything to the bone. That's just what a bunch of crooks they are.
Anna why didn't you mentioned the Asians at Google they make up a third, and growing, percent of the company. You look on their executives pages and will see a number of them.

Tell the whole story.
@20: Interesting, I believe that facts are true or not whether or not they are valid, not how much I try to convince myself that they should be either true or false.

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