This is the image that accompanies their most recent fundraising e-mail and that they're tweeting out into the world:


So yeah, they could still decide to run their charter amendment, which they've always said was a "backup plan" and a "fail-safe mechanism" meant to pressure the council so the bill wouldn't get watered down. 15 Now won't say one way or the other until after the $15 wage bill becomes law and their organization makes a democratic decision on the matter. But this seems like an even clearer signal than Kshama Sawant voting for the compromise bill.

Right after the vote, Sawant gave a speech on the steps of City Hall, saying that while big business "did indeed succeed in chipping away at our gains," the bill she voted for "is one of the greatest steps forward for the US working class in decades." She promised to bring up her amendments again at full council, but also said she expected the bill to pass as-is. It all sounds like a victory dance, not the beginning of a ballot campaign.