I assert that the swift response of that rotc student become the new definition of The Seattle Freeze.
Here's the dude's facebook page linked below. Shocking, young maladjusted male. Looking at his pages, he has an interest in guns obviously, and many 'likes' of highly objectified and sexualized women. Another Elliot Rodgers? Maybe not but certainly fits the pattern of awkward young males with warped sexuality. I know it's way early in the investigation but let's just say his facebook page didn't shock me, seems to be yet another awkward young male lacking empathy.
Imagine being one of his FB friends. What a weird consequence of social media.
@3 If your going to go to FB at least wear a condom.
"Because it seems like, unfortunately, these types of events are becoming more common.”

Well, actually, no, they aren't. Just because the media goes into a frenzy every time somebody gets shot these days, that doesn't mean it's happening more often. In fact, the statistics are quite clear that violent crime in this country has been dropping steadily for the last 15 years or so.

"Mass murders" remain stable at about 100 per year (where they have hovered for a long time now), but this doesn't qualify as a mass murder.

I'm tired of all the hysteria over what is actually a very small number of deaths.
I can understand how tiring this must be for you, this small amount of death, this incident that terrifies and gets distorted in the public consciousness because of the seeming randomness and indiscriminate identity and number of victims. But let us worry about that. Go ahead and write off its impact on a community, you poor weary soul - because this is about you!

I just hope one day soon we can protect you from all the hysteria, since you can't protect yourself.
"...but this doesn't qualify as a mass murder."

Not for the lack of trying. Perpetrator ineptitude or no, it's still a mass shooting.
@5 - I am so, so sorry that an innocent person's death and a terrorized community has tired you. Go ahead and keep arguing semantics in support of your "do nothing" approach.

The FB page has been pulled now, but I had a glance at it last night.

It always shocks me how normal these guys look. I mean, I'm not expecting them to have horns growing from their foreheads, but I can't imagine it would be that hard for a guy who looks like that to find friends or hook up with a woman.

I hope at some point we can get some mental health initiatives going to help people like this who look normal, but are sick and getting worse on the inside.
@6 @8 "Being tired" wasn't the point of @5 at all... and the person makes a good point about violent crime being down but reporting on it being up. Humans have been killing other humans for as long as we have been a species. When you track the *numbers* in recent years it is true that it has gone down. But go ahead and attack the person instead of attacking the arguement

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