But Tim Burgess, left, and Mike O’Brien, right, disagree on what to do about the problem.



Will Burgess's Universal Pre-K benefit charter schools? What is Burgess's position on charter schools? Burgess refused to take a position on I 1240.

Also, the Pre-K program is "a good thing" but it does nothing to solve the school district's space problem (not enough class rooms for the thousand new students per year).
Burgess is a man with a plan and woe to anyone who tries to persuade him that there are other issues and/or he could be mistaken about priorities.

He refused to take a stand on charter schools, repeatedly. Here was an issue that directly affects the schoolchildren in Seattle and yet, not a peep.

And yet, Pre-K? He's all over that. It's interesting because at a press event for this initiative, Murray called Burgess "the godfather of Pre-K." Don't think Burgess liked that term.

(Also, media has GOT to understand that Pre-K and preschool are NOT interchangeable in this discussion of universal pre-K in Seattle. To make it easier to understand, preschool is really learning through play while pre-K is much more tightly run through a specific curriculum.)

Burgess is very rigid in his thinking and will just steamroll almost anyone if he thinks he can. Obviously, he thinks he can with O'Brien.
Can we just "free"(lol) pre k what it really is: its free child care for poor people....

stop with fake bs and be honest.
Seattle is a sick city, this is just another symptom on public display, one of many.

This article, however, may represent a step towards a cure.
Pre k is a good thing, but Burgess needs to show his hand. Does Burgess plan on providing funds to charter school operators for pre K? My guess: Yes.
timmy has got a lot of wealthy friends. He likes money, simple.
There is only one solution: Run Dominic Holden for City Council!
O'Brien needs to grow a spine. Burgess challenged him to a political battle and he just cries and whimpers. If can't get five Council votes for his proposal, it wasn't going to get on the ballot this year anyway.
What does this have to do with Charter Schools?
@8: I like your thinking! Dominic?
Burgess is a complete hack. Always was, always will be.

O'Brien is like that old line about Montana: "There's no there there." Half the time he looks and acts like he's loaded, but you can't have substance abuse where there's no substance.

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