GOP President selected Fed Judge?
Big shock, another neoconservative teabagger western washington federal judge.

The exbushie/current teabagger judge:…

I can see an appeal being successful given Leightons track record. But I doubt anything will come of this. The SCOTUS and a good deal of the appeals courts have shown extreme reluctance to touch military issues, even when the military issue steps on civilian domestic matters.
When it comes to spying on progressives, in particular, the state, with our present day corrupt judiciary, always wins.
Good piece, Mr. Kiley. And I mean it. Keep up the good work.

This is the sort of reporting that brought me to the SLOG and The Stranger in the first place.

For me, it's a disappointment that I'm only the 4th comment on this thread.
Yes @4
It's pretty crazy that the judge would admit to not having read all the material before dismissing the case.
@6, no it's not. Nobody has time to read all that crap. Even the lawyers probably didn't read all of it. You have no idea how brutal the caseload can be for these guys. It's not like they only have one case that they're working on.
@7: but to read everything from one side & not the other? How is that ok?

Attorneys, their clerks and judges are expected to read ALL materials. Even excessive things like the patriot act or the ACA had to be read through. Judges give themselves and their clerks time to go through long documents, hence why some cases take so long.

A first year law student who did what Judge Leighton admitted to doing would fail out. Not only that, but it takes HUGE balls to openly admit, on the record, that you didnt bother reading the materials. That should go in the annuals of "shitty jurisprudence" and "failing the image of impartiality" with the judge who got caught using a penis pump during trial and the other judge who got caught sending children to a juvie facility he was receiving kickbacks from.

Its almost as if Leighton said "I dont agree with this politically so Im ruling against it, but Im doing it in such a way that the appeals could would HAVE to take it up". Which is a typical thing of Bushie teabagger judges.
Yet another crooked, full of shit judge, but what do you expect in Amerika, for gosh sakes?

We are cursed with a crooked president who has stood before the people again and again and again and falsely and fraudulently claimed that the banksters broke no laws, then the very basic and fundamental law (of which there are many) that the broke (the Law of
Fraudulent Conveyance
) is cited by Attorney General Eric Holder to go after some minor financial fraudster.

This won't stop, but it will get worse!

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