Besides, there's that Leviticus thing...
Good for Whole Foods. At the risk of spam, I can't help but link to this shrimp marinade recipe.
I'm surprised Costco isn't getting out, as they enjoy and profit from their goodwill and reputation. I too am interested in their rationale and what they plan to do.
It's not just shrimp, it's basically any canned seafood from SE Asia. Sardines, mackerel, squid, you name it. All harvested/processed by Burmese slaves. It's also not just the recent Guardian story, this info has been out for a while:……
@5: Not to mention that cat food from SE Asia that gets sold as glorified road kill at upscale pet stores like 'All the Best' (shudder).
I agree.
Expect Costco to be in the lead.
I'm afraid your last two paragraphs are all too true. I'm sure you can get people to give up their Thai prawns, but don't say a discouraging word about the factories that manufacture their precious smartphones!
Fish meal you say, does that mean it's likely the pet food I'm feeding my tropical fish supports slavery too ? I always suspected the lemon tetras envisioned themselves as "masters" of the ocean.

Maybe not that easy. You can order the veggie tempura without the prawns at Japanese restaurants, but what are we going to do about dim sum?

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