Kind of amazing how poorly King County is served here. Am I correct in seeing exactly 2 stores, one each in Seattle and Bellevue?
Tacoma looks to be the place.
I like that there's one on Smokey Point Blvd ... but what's that pot shop doing on Merlot Drive?
2 in Spokane, 2 in Vancouver, and one each in Kelso & Longview..... But we're going to be extra cautious about stuff leaving the state.
Waitaminute. Ephrata has a pot store but Olympia doesn't?!

I mean, get on with your bad self, Ephrata, but jeebus.
I am still worried about Pot Riots, especially among the hippie-type elderly, a particularly wild group.

W/ 10,000 people expected there will be problems. Probably for being arrested for smoking pot in public!
Did the state mandate these asinine business names? Sheesh. Anyway, happy to have lived to see this day.
Randy Simmons, the state Liquor Control Board's project manager for legal marijuana, should be fired. 18 months have elapsed since Washington voted to legalize marijuana. Colorado began sales in January, with far more retail locations licensed.
Mr Simmons has proven he views his job is to act as an obstruction to the public will rather than as a public servant. There is no excuse for his incompetence. Fire him.
@8: or, since the WSLCB's job is to limit and obstruct progress on every front and be dragged kicking and screaming into the future, maybe he did his job perfectly and deserves a raise. certainly licensing 1 measly store in Seattle is certain to cause problems, which then can be pointed at as proof that this won't work, because angry potheads.
I imagine that oils and such are even further out? Any projected date?
i'm going to my medical dispensary tomorrow. will that still be legal ?
@11: yes, riz, your wink-wink "medical condition" will still allow you access.
I just can't get upset that it isn't working perfectly on day one, or even week one. If the State of Washington can get this system (which is so timid because it doesn't want to give any opening for the federal government to shut it down completely) up and running in less time than the federal government to get Affordable Health Care up and running, with a fraction of the manpower working on it, then I call it a win. After all these years, I can wait another couple of months to work out the bugs.
So I keep seeing the list of stores opening this week throughout the there a list somewhere of all the pot stores set to open in Seattle on future dates? I'm hoping for something a little closer than SODO :P
Don't wait for the stores. Read the Stranger. There are many suppliers who will deliver to you, as long as you can prove you're 21. The SPD won't get in the way. Pick up the phone and call or text. Why stand in line?
@5 Lacey has one on Carpenter Rd, which is pretty much right next to Olympia as it is. So that's still not too bad for those who need to nab something.
Green Theory in Bellevue is still a few weeks from opening.…
@17: No self-respecting Olympian goes to Lacey to buy pot. It''s...unpatriotic! (Thank you, and duly noted.)
@16--That's great! four in a row on the way to the Ballard Post Office.
While Dominic is speculating about why other stores aren't yet ready, and asserting his speculation as fact, The Times spoke with quite a few lottery winners who aren't opening and they actually explained why. That's what reporters do, Dominic.
@8 is correct

Lack of retail outlets with 1/100th the supply needed at much higher prices will NEVER kill a black market
I'll stick with the black market until we get around to opening more than just one store.

I know that my neighborhood in particular isn't that close to any schools, we already have a dispensary here.

Also, @21: TOLD
Dear Washingstonians

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