Russian homophobe on Cap Hill? What a shocker.
Thank the stars and Obama we have a man like Eric Holder as our AG. A truly great man. I trust his judgement completely.
And btw, I would love to see Holder on the SCOTUS.
The only thing that stops a bad guy without a baseball bat is a good guy giving him a baseball bat.
Post Prokhorin's photo all over Cap Hill.

Also, why isn't his friend who grabbed and used the bat facing any charges?
Flash-flooding forces dramatic rescues in Arizona after 8 inches of rain falls in Phoenix area

Kathy Mascaro said her typical 15-minute commute from home to work in the Phoenix area more than doubled because of the traffic nightmares caused by the flooding.

"It's crazy. You'd think, how could the desert flood, but it really does," Mascaro said. "I've never seen it this bad. I've been here over 20 years and it has never flooded this bad."…
A drunk, violent, homophobic Russian? I'm shocked.
Remember that anti-gay violence by Russian fundamentalists and fascists, in Washington and elsewhere, is also linked to such luminaries as David Duke and Scott Lively.……………
Chris Christie and Rick Perry both flagrantly broke the law for political gain. The difference? Christie denies up and down it ever happened, while Perry goes on TV to say how proud he is of breaking the law. Enjoy your impeachment (although it's Texas, so who knows)
i'd donate to see Bush take the hot-tar-and-feathers challenge.
Re: 8, I inadvertently left out the article that mentions David Duke (and Scott Lively again):…
Your Hatred on an ethnicity is very interesting. Well said.
@10) Second!
It's so fucked up that the main reason we've made so little progress in treating diseases like ALS is that the government has catastrophically defunded scientific research in order to dole out corporate welfare and tax cuts to the 1% zillionaires. Let them eat ice buckets.
perhaps, but a lot of money has been thrown at "cancer" and it's not like we've got huge success rates at preventing that or keeping it from killing people.

ALS is a disease with a whole host of factors thought to be causes/involved in the disease and there's no analogous animal model that gets the true disease, at best we've got animal hosts to study motor neurons with. You can throw money at ALS all you want, but it's going to take several breakthroughs before ALS can be prevented/halted.
@15: How exactly do you think those breakthroughs are reached? Just sitting around wishing really hard?

It takes people running experiments and researching, which costs money. Money which is incredibly hard to get, and made easier by people donating to these causes. Also, your cancer analogy is terrible and displays your ignorance of the issue. Taking into account the realities of cancer, we actually do have pretty huge success rates at preventing cancer and keeping it from killing people.
@15: The progress that has been made on many types of cancer is nothing short of phenomenal. The fact it is still all too common doesn't mean efforts (and money spent) have been futile.
@18, I work with Russians and Bosnians, among many others, and they're all terrific people.

I think what sets these monsters apart is when they came here. The ones who escaped the Soviet Union are great. The ones who came after the USSR collapsed, the young ones, the young MEN are awful.

The key word in the description isn't "Russian", it's "Christian". Russian Christians, the young ones, the young (and drunk) MEN, are scum. MMA fighter, too. These people are hell-bent on destroying everything they touch.
@21, not futile, sure, but how many people still go through incredibly debilitating treatments and die within a few years/have recurrence ?

My point is that even if you spent half the money that's been researching cancer on ALS (something that affects 0.004% of the population) we might not be able to do more than slow progression and diagnose it earlier.
@22: How do you know these post-USSR collapse young drunk Russian monsters are Christian?
@24: read the article
"key word in the description isn't "Russian", it's "Christian""

Of goody, so can you make the same distinction for all the Mohammedans running around Seattle murdering homosexuals the past 6 months? I mean one Moslem tried to burn down a whole bar of gay men. Will you make a shout out for "moslems"?
He's been a steady hand despite being handed a bag of chaos and confusion left him by the previous administration. Nobody in that position can be all things to all people. I know the world is full of crooks, as you remind us on a daily basis, but he's done a damn good job so far and he's not done yet.
I don't see the words "Tim Eyman-caused budget catastrophe" in the article on the ferries.
Looks like a very strange police report: A man was "beaten"
with a "baseball bat" and was "not seriously injured".

Was it a miniature baseball bat or something?
Thank you. I get so confused at times. It's nice when groups of people are put into nice neat classification boxes. Awesome knowledge you've given about Christian Russians. I'll be prepared with my prejudice next time I encounter one of these ghouls.
@25: Yes, I know. But the adjective used to by the brother to describe Ivan Prokhorin has nothing to do with my question to Knarf.
Here's what I want to know, as a childless person... why is childcare a better reason for flex-time rather than to avoid an excessive commute ? Why such a bias towards child-care duties you suspect will distract the employee ?…
among those who read a scenario in which an employee asked to work from home two days a week for childcare related reasons, 63.5 percent of the respondents said they would be “likely” or “very likely” to grant the request. However, only 40.7 percent of those who read a scenario in which an employee asked to work from home two days a week to reduce his or her commute time and carbon footprint said they would be “likely” or “very likely” to grant the request .
re @34.... wrong tab.
I just messaged Ivan on Facebook to tell him that Jesus was a faggot.
So #18 provides actual examples and #27 provides hype. Wonder which one I'm going to go with? Hmmmmm
@37 - the one that appeals to your bitter, cynical worldview of course.
1.) Instead of running a picture of a ferry, why not re-post the pic of Mr. Gucci-neck-tat? Seems to me that would be more useful to the community.

2.) A nineteen-year old male would be described as a man, or a young man by most professional writers, not as a teen, or a boy. Drop the infantilization of women here and edit the misnomer to read young woman.
So...a lot of Slog readers harbor racist feelings towards Eastern Europeans. You learn something every day.
@ 40, even if you used the correct term (and you can research what the term for prejudice based upon nationality is on your own), you're straining.
agreed, Fnarf. this numbnuts could also be ukranian or belarussian. remember the gay man who was severely beaten by two ukranians from bellingham? who were regular church goers?

I've seen 19-year-old men described as "boys" before, typically when someone has an ax to grind, for example, when the "boy" died in a tragic accident.
Hmm, through the decades Catholic and Protestant and Mormon corn-fed all-American testosterone filled drunk straight boys partying on Capitol Hill did not get a reputation for beating up gays, beyond other factors they shared.

Maybe it's something else besides religion, like culture?

The Russian culture is far more "why-isn't-he-acting-normal" than how religion drives it. Religion, its own homophobic origins, is tangential.
I see, from this article, that Seattle is still a shit hole.

You all may continue.
@26: are you kidding? This is slog. They can't even bring themselves to mention Alton Nolen and the Moore workplace beheading. Not that it's violence against women or anything...

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