In case you missed it: What Are White Liberals Going to Do About the Westlake Mall Cop Who Pepper Sprayed an Innocent Black Man?

And: Seattle School Board President Deliberately Misses the Point on Rape, Again

Tech Journalist Jeff Reifman: Takes a deep dive into Microsoft's tax avoidance schemes. And what does he find?

Using the 50 percent figure, we can conservatively estimate Microsoft’s savings from lobbying and dodging the state royalty tax between 1997 and 2014 at $5.34 billion. If we factor in interest and the Department of Revenue’s typical 25 percent penalty on unpaid corporate taxes, that number jumps to $8.16 billion (see Scenario B).

This is more than enough to fully fund public education under the Supreme Court’s McCleary decision.

Can Washington Democrats Take Back the State Senate This November? SEIU 775 doesn't seem to care. The union is endorsing a social service-cutting Republican named Andy Hill in the 45th District against a Democratic challenger who actually has a shot.

Prison Inmates: Do not have to show they are likely innocent in order to qualify for a post-conviction DNA test, the Washington Supreme Court rules.

State Attorney General Bob Ferguson:"If you want marijuana legalization in this state, then you want local jurisdictions to have the power to opt out. Otherwise, a court will have to address the whole issue of whether or not it’s even constitutional at all to have marijuana legalized in Washington state. That’s something I think we all want to avoid."

Governor Jay Inslee: Approves $30 million in spending to add mental health beds around the state.

SPD's Old Drones: Are now the object of a protest campaign in Los Angeles.

Letter From the Border: "The human migration away from poverty, tidal in its enormity, is something no immigration policy or enforcement mechanism will stop."

On the Killing of James Foley: "The payment of ransoms and abduction of foreigners must emerge from the shadows. It must be publicly debated," says David Rohde, a journalist who escaped from the Taliban. "American and European policy makers should be forced to answer for their actions."

Chelsea Manning: "Despite silence, and then lip-service, the military has not yet provided me with any such [gender] treatment."

New True Facts! From zefrank: