Since he's a Murray pick I wonder how long until Slog takes a huge shit on this guy?
I'm keeping an open mind on Mr. Kubly, and he says some good things here. But...

What a bullshit answer on light rail! ST's current "doings" are not enough! We need light rail to Ballard like, yesterday. And we should absolutely be planning to go to West Seattle, Fremont and other neighborhoods that have so far NOT been included in the buildout.

Murray is on the ST Board, and its discouraging to say the least (but not surprising) that his new appointee doesn't seem to view light rail expansion as a transportation priority for the city.
Help finish the Deep Bertha Tunnel?

How about get real and just kill it?
You rock Scott. Thanks for thinking about how to keep me safe while crossing the street. The idea that deaths are not an integral part of commuting will take a lot of people by surprise.
there's this profusion of modes...[and] there's a perception, and to a degree a reality, that they're not all integrated as tightly as they could be.

This is abundantly obvious to me. Seattle is crackers for adding new, independently operated transit modes. I sure hope he can wrangle better integration during his tenure. I wish you much Good Luck Scott Kubly!
It's seems ironic the city hands out millions in camera speeding tickets under the pretense of public safety, and I have yet to see a cop handing out tickets for driving through a crosswalk while someone is in it. I'm almost hit once a week crossing around Green Lake. If the city were serious about public safety (and not just the coffers), they would try to enforce the law there.
@6, the City could make SO MUCH MONEY ticketing that nonsense. They could rotate to different hotspots around town a week at a time and just bomBARD drivers who enter occupied crosswalks. Downtown it's become normal for cars to enter the crosswalk to cut between two pedestrians already in it. Blech. Drivers need to be educated via the taxpayers reaching into their wallets!
Re Kubly's "You have this rich ecosystem with lots of different options. But there's a perception, and to a degree a reality, that they're not all integrated as tightly as they could be. "

Couldn't agree more. SDOT (pushed by City Council) plans in silos, with separate Bicycle Master Plan, Transit Master Plan, Pedestrian Master Plan, Freight Mobility Plan, etc. etc.

I can't wait for City government to recognize we need an integrated, coordinated Transportation Master Plan. Junk the silos. Junk the separate plans that don't talk to one another!

I hope Kubly can help move things in that direction.
One thing I'd like to see is SDOT forgoing requiring pedestrians to press the button to get a damn walk signal. It really burns my britches when I'm not "allowed" to cross (I do it anyway, because fuck SDOT) at the Fauntleroy/California and Admiral/California intersections. Those lights are always the same duration regardless if peds are "allowed" to cross or not. It's a very clear "fuck you" to pedestrians in West Seattle.

Also, half the time, the walk signal at Fauntleroy doesn't even work, i.e. you press the button well in advance, and the walk signal doesn't change.
sounds like he knows his shit

I think you need to call the waaaaaambulance.
Seems like a decent enough guy. But he punted on the two most important questions: the tunnel and light rail expansion. Need more explicit, specific responses.
I feel bad for him already.

"ecosystem" should not be used here until there is an actual "system".

What we have are overlapping or gaping holes in a multimodal infrastructure ambrosia salad.
Some group of power brokers cobbles together some political drones and points them toward some popular mobility amenity. Somehow they convince themselves to bestow upon the developer class some-thing-new. The new thing goes as far as it can before people notice how much money going further costs.

Then there are the usual bunch of spoiled brats crying that they have an old shiny thing and they want a new shiny thing, and people actually move into those giant cubes and flood the limited and poorly executed nub of modality.
And when a gaggle of committee members doesn't sufficiently genuflect when the landed gentry makes an entrance, a new board/mode will be created to get that developer a god damned amenity.
Were kind of running out, though, we are gondolas in the air, and ski tow ropes are just up yours (because, you know, peddling up hills isn't as much fun).

It's a shitfest involving billions of dollars with stunningly little thought of integration, committees need to maintain their form, and the committees that report to committees.

Welcome to Seattle, where every rail is a 3rd rail.
Btw, SDOT dude, light rail is being planned all the way up from Northgate to Lynnwood, but you sure as fuck wouldn't know there are two stops planned, 130th and 145th, by looking at the city 2035 plan.…

Not one fucking TOD spot imagined anywhere near it, few sidewalks near it, and nobody will give two shits about it until district elections in 2015. Awash of single family homes,1 P&R at 145th, and sporadic bus "service" that runs parallel to it. It's the fuckup of the future.

2035 isn't a plan, but a delicate dance to not offend.
Possibly the most slanted, unprofessional questions I've ever seen from an alleged "journalist."
This was a softball if I ever saw one, so Murray should be kissing your behind right now for not pushing on his boondoggle of tunnel with an SDOT director who admits he has no major project experience. I am sure Kubly would be a great deputy who could bring his major city experience to Sesttle, but he is no director of DOT.
@2, we need anything in many neighborhoods that doesn't get stuck in traffic. Lets get off this light rail fixation and consider all the options. What matters is not being stuck in traffic, having a high capacity, running in a timely manner, and if a tie breaker is needed, the best bang for our buck.
What about the War Against Pedestrians? "Simple" Livers? Cyclists? Squatters? -- & , .
The walk signals are on a 3 minute cycle but the car triggers a green in 90 seconds.

What we need is parity, not the War By Cars assuming cars (1 person) is more important than a walking Citizen Who Pays Taxes - the car owner probably is from the suburbs.

@7 is right, go after intersection blockers by immediate fines and 72 hour car impounding- they will change behaviour fast.

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