This afternoon, Twitter user Steve Johnson posted this video from Smith Tower, where Uber's Seattle headquarters is located:

As Taylor Soper at Geekwire reports:

Here’s a statement from Uber in regard to today’s protest:

"Uber offers individuals the freedom, economic opportunity and flexibility to start their own businesses. We remain committed to helping the thousands of Seattle driver partners grow their small businesses."

Back in June, Uber lowered prices for UberX customers by 20 percent. For two months, the company continued paying its drivers — who earn 80 percent of each fare — as if the discount had not been implemented.

But earlier this month, Uber shifted the discount over to drivers, who are now making less money per ride.

Back in April, I wrote about the complete disconnect between the views of hundreds of Uber drivers, who said the company treats them like disposable cogs in a machine, and Uber's Seattle management, who said most Uber drivers are happy and blamed all the labor unrest on the machinations of the taxi industry. It appears that dynamic hasn't changed much in the past three months.