Detroit is America's only 21st century city.


Crack agent to investigate outbreak of celebrity nudity:


Re Detroit: Screwing bondholders announces to the financial markets that some municipalities are little more than banana republics. As the risk profile of municipal bonds (once thought to be the safest of safe bets) is perceived to increase, bond buyers will demand greater return. This will effectively raise the costs to cities across the country for schools, public transport and civic infrastructure. So - in the interests of "helping," liberals are in fact screwing us

Detroit has been on a steady death march since the early 70s. Let it fail as a testament to the consequences of profligate spending, ambitious government, craven civic leadership and collectivist union thinking.
Joan Rivers is still unconscious and on life support: TMZ.
Pakistani man grooming white girls for sexual slavery. And the police and social services do nothing because they do not want to be accused of racism. Welcome to the world of political correctness.

Uber is feared because it provides "transit" to the suburbs.
Brookings Institution releases study on just how poor Americans really are. (No surprise, given that the latest Census Bureau findings indicate one out of every two Americans are classified as poor. Also, peculiar, given that the Hamilton Project is located within Brookings, that's the project meant to privatize everything, marching on to the uber monopoly.)……

(Most recent Brookings Institution study indicated phony employment stats due to the use of a 1960 model of the birth/death rate of companies, strongly suggesting that almost one-half of all new job creation cannot be verified!)
Latest news out of the ISIS territory indicates they have just, most sadly, beheaded the second journalist whose mother had made that public plea to spare his life.

Although I have always been skeptical of all this so-called War on Terror, it is telling that when a real terorist group (the core made up of Saddam's former Republican Guard) appears, all of Amerika's intel organizations are completely clueless, which lends credence to the reality of their outfit.
It appears that Uber is striving to become the Amazon of the digital taxi world.
On Uber, Germany strikes back:…

This all goes back (sorry to say this, but it is true) to Carter's deregulation of the airlines and trucking industry, followed by the explosion of deregulation during the Reagan and Clinton administrations.
@3: "Fuck those guys that worked for an agreed upon sum, we should repay the people who loaned us money, because they throw a bigger fit!"
Yeah, my view on any complaints coming from Uber drivers changed once I checked out their unofficial forum and noticed the number of former cabbies who went out and bought new cars to drive for uber full time and are complaining about _everything_ and go around cancelling rides from customers they book who they then find out aren't going a far enough distance.…
@5, thanks for playing, but no. This is about deep, profound misogyny and collusion by police officers. There's no way in hell cops are afraid enough of being called "PC" to allow an 11 year old to be raped repeatedly.
@5: A Pakistani investigator addressed head-on the fact that the perpetrators were overwhelmingly Pakistani. Crawl back under your rock.
@14, 15
If you had read anything about this you'd know that the Pakistani prosecutor admitted it was pc run amok. I guess all those social workers were also misogynists?…
Here we are, one hundred years since the start of thirty years of brutal warfare in Europe, and it's looking like we are getting dragged into another one.
@3 - I'd rather live in that banana republic than your paradise.
@3 Detroit was sold out by the trade agreements and auto industry. People like you see Mississippi as a Republican free market success story.
@16 - Except not really. Linking to an opinion piece doesn't make it fact.

I bet your real fun at parties.
@21 - you're, not your.

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